My sister threw us an adorable moose-themed gender reveal party for us to find out if we are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl for our first child!

My sister has been planning my gender reveal party for years – long before our little Nugget was conceived and even before Adam came into the picture!

think gender reveal parties are so much fun because it includes everyone in the suspense and the surprise. I love that we got to find out at the same time as our family and friends to share in the joy of that moment!

We finally got pregnant and she put all of her ideas into action in the most adorable moose-themed gender reveal party ever!

The Moose Theme

You might be wondering why we picked the moose theme without knowing whether it was a boy or a girl first.

I’ve actually loved moose since high school! Friends send me moose pictures and articles when they see them, my house has moose paraphernalia all over the place, and there’s really not much reasoning behind it besides I think they’re cute.

For the record, I prefer moose stuff to live moose. The first time I saw a moose in-person, it charged us. Twice. Since then, I’ve been more than satisfied with moose things instead.

Thankfully, Adam has accepted and encouraged my moose-obsession, so the party theme was settled!

The Decorations

Honestly, the decorations weren’t too difficult because I already own so many moose things!

I have moose chip & dip platters, moose cookie jars, moose cookie tins, moose plates, moose mugs, moose serving bowls, and an abundance of stuffed moose.

And I’d also happened to give my niece and nephew moose baby clothes when they were little that my sister had saved and hung up with clothespins on some twine behind the food table.

They also created a photo booth on a wall covered with a big plastic tablecloth and a bunch of twisted pink and blue streamers and had fun little foam props on sticks with sayings like, “I think boy!”, “I think girl!”, and my dad’s favorite, “I’m just here for the food.”

Speaking of which….

The Food

My sister knows how important good food is to me and she did not disappoint! She and my brother-in-law created the most impressive spread for us!

The food included:

  • a veggie tray
  • a meat tray
  • a cheese plate
  • crackers and dip
  • homemade rice krispy treats
  • orange cranberry pinwheel cookies
  • homemade marshmallow chocolate popcorn (this stuff was all kinds of amazing!)
  • peppermint bark Pretzel Thins
  • homemade hot chocolate w/ homemade marshmallows and peppermint stirring spoons

The moose-shaped cheese on the cheese plate was one of my favorite parts! Aren’t they adorable?!

The People

Of course, our in-town family was there (my sisters, my brother-in-law, my parents, and my niece and nephew).

We also had friends from both of the small groups Adam and I are a part of, along with my best friend’s dad who was such a big part of my life for a long time, which was so special to us.

And then quickly after the reveal, I hurried to put the video together to send out because we have so many friends and family that live far away that couldn’t be there!

The Gender Reveal Video

The Old Wives’ Tales For Predicting Gender

My sister found a list of old wives’ tales for predicting the babies’ genders during pregnancy (similar to the ones listed on this site) and, before the party, had gone through the list asking me all kinds of questions and doing all kinds of “tests” on my belly.

The best part was that, out of the long list of things she’d asked and tested, the results came back EXACTLY EVEN predicting a boy and a girl!

Surprise (Kind Of) – It’s A Boy!

We had told the ultrasound tech at our 20-week anatomy scan appointment that we wanted to keep the gender a secret and she had done a great job of turning the screen away whenever anything identifying could be seen, so Adam and I were clueless!

We walked out of our appointment with an envelope with the results and handed it straight to my sister. And my sister is the best secret-keeper on the planet, which really works in our favor in situations like this, so we were completely clueless until the balloon popped!

I’d been pretty open about the fact that I wasn’t feeling much intuition at all about what the gender would be.


  • Adam has lots of boys on his side of the family (each of his siblings have 3 boys and a girl!).
  • I had only felt “right” about the boy name that we’d picked.
  • A small group friend had surprised us (before she knew we were pregnant) with a canvas moose picture that just happened to be a part of the boy nursery set I’d fallen in love with.

So, even though I really didn’t have a feeling one way or the other, I was leaning pretty heavily toward boy.

Adam didn’t have much of a feeling about the gender either until the week leading up before the party. Then he was more convinced than ever that it would be a boy!

The day of the party, I picked the “I think girl” sign because I figured there should be at least a little competition in there, right?!

But, when we popped the balloon…it was filled with blue confetti and it was confirmed!

We’re having a boy!

Adam has always wanted a boy and a girl (at least one of each), but he really wanted to have a boy first because he just loves the idea of his little girl having a big brother, so in that sense, his wish came true!

I would have been so thrilled either way. I’ve been waiting for a long time to be a mom and it is so fun to see that dream unfolding, one day at a time.

We can’t wait to meet our little boy!

Adam and I know his name already, but we’re keeping it a secret until he’s born! 🤫

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