A fresh start…

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This is a long one

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If you’re reading this comment “she really loves eggs”


45 thoughts on “A fresh start…

  1. And this is what birth control pill does to your body and doctors wont tell you that it is damaging and that it kills you slowly mentally and physically. i am really happy for her that she realized that and saw the changes when she stopped it. <3

  2. My dude hates when I shave my pubes all the way, he says he wants to feel like he is with a woman… but to each their own I'll get a kenzy for my leg hair tho because I don't like the feel of it lol

  3. Hearing someone speaking about mental health and their experiences with it is so helpful….it makes you feel more human. You're such an inspiration Morgan and I'm going to try focus on my body and happiness now

  4. Facts babe. Also, fu*k em. You're gorgeous, smart, and talented so honestly, fu*k em. I'm with you, I just lost over 20lbs for HEALTH reasons. I love eggs too, they're great protein and I can eat them on Keto! Not dairy imo.

  5. Thank you so much for speaking nothing but what most are thinking about themselves, after gaining over 20lbs this year alone, I’ve been dealing with a lot of body dysmorphia. I was so accustomed to my weight range i always stayed in, after gaining weight I’ve been feeling lost on what to do. Hearing you speak on everything helps me feel like my thoughts and feeling are okay and normal especially coming from an influencer. Thank you

  6. I never related so much with someone lol. I stopped taking birth control as well because I think I would feel better, I stopped recently like literally not even a month lol. And my car is dirty af just like urs, and my room. I always try to maintain it but it always ends up the same! Little by little tho !!

  7. I was in Denver last week ( in prep to move back hopefully) and I just kept thinking about "maybe I will run into morgan at starbucks" and then I can tell her how much her videos help me mentally and that I hope she knows she makes a difference and we know she will figure it all out!

  8. I used to be a lot smaller, I started taking birth control shots and it gave me pcos, then I ended up having to get fertility treatments to have kids and with all that I gained so much weight it makes me sick.

  9. Funny, beautiful, refreshingly transparent, funny, smart, driven, down to earth. Did I say funny? Love you Morgan! Please don’t be so hard on yourself. Love you!!! ❤️❤️😁😁❤️❤️ can’t wait until your home is done so you have a place of your own finally. Thank you for sharing your struggles as well as your successes. You help more people than you probably realize.

  10. I love that you’re talking about your struggles. You are very insightful and have a lot of advice and encouragement to give others. You are absolutely beautiful inside and out!💖💖💖 Hang in there girl.

  11. woooowwww currently balling. never related more, i HATE birth control because of how much it changes my body. Ive been off for awhile now and living my best life. Love you <3

  12. Morgan you remind me so much of myself. I wish I could give you a hug. You’re beautiful. I hope you find inner peace, clear mentality, and wish you the best on your journey with health!!

  13. Thank you for real talk. Continue to be true to yourself. And i totally hear you on taking care of your body. I hate saying I'm losing weight but your right i need to treat my body better.

  14. I do love you girl!!! People suck they can really be so cruel and that’s only because they’re miserable and misery loves company. All you need to do is be real with yourself that way you can be real with others and that’s the only way you’ll get the help you need and want!!!! I’m so PROUD of you girl!!! I feel like I know you it’s crazy how I can really relate to you!!! Love you Morgan keep on doing the do babygirl!!! You look beautiful always in my eyes!!! 🤗😘♥️

  15. I gained relationship weight. I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t like what I see. It’s just like I know what’s going on but I’m too lazy and used to doing the bare minimum that I do not have any motivation to change my life.

  16. Oh goodness, I wish you were friends with my daughters and I knew you personally ☺️ I could have told you years ago the pill can destroy your figure and mental health 🤷🏻‍♀️ and also if you want to loose weight without trying too hard just cut out one thing in your diet that isn’t good for you and replace it with something that is, has to be a daily choc bar or burger for example. Then just do some more active daily even for just 30 mins, walk the dog, clean the house, gardening ANYTHING! You’ll slowly lose weight without realising it 😁 however you’re incredibly beautiful and have a great body ❤️

  17. Totally with you, Morgan! I’m 24 and my body needs some TLC. I suffer from some horrible stomach issues and am trying to eat better (and see a doctor) to improve those issues. I’m also a messy gal •__•

  18. I related to what you were saying so much. I have also struggled with my body appearance and weight since I was a kid. I always thought I was overweight in high school and now when I look back at pictures I was very normal for a teenage girl. Not stick thin, but also not overweight – I was healthy. As I started college I gained quite a bit of weight and wasn't eating great and that made me feel crappy. Now, I have just graduated college and this last year I have been trying to actually be healthier and make smarter food choices and put things in my body that are better for it and move more throughout my day. I have had many "cheat" days, but I don't like to call them that. I've just started to realize that if I don't allow myself to eat things I enjoy, like on holidays or celebrations, then it isn't sustainable. Or even if it is a random Wednesday and I am just not having a great day mentally, so I don't make the greatest food choices because of it. I have been trying to keep the mindset that each day is a new day and just because I made some not so great choices the day before, doesn't mean that today I can't fuel my body a little better. I love these more personal videos and look forward to each time you upload a new video regardless of what it is about! From one girl just trying to do that same thing, I think you're doing great:)

  19. 3:46 LOL remember to bring your iOS or android tablet or phone for the WILD RIFT LOL but the first lol was laugh out loud 4:34 did you know I had such a bad breakdown I don’t even remember the first 3 years of “the sip” all this to say I don’t remember you having a breakdown earlier this year I remember you being like about to graduate csu and all of a sudden the Colorado state rams delivered the Boise state rumble tower their first esports loss and n3rdybird Colby disappeared and Elizabeth said she hit a bird and I kind of blacked out but anyway frick it lady what’s been up how’s the chickens 5:52 better than I’m doing for sure , like , thank you for being honest i can tell you If it wasn’t for school I would have been awake at 7 ready to go to sleep more than I would have been awake at 7 am ready to take on the day so I mean no shame here heck there ain’t even gloom in the tomb today 6:40 I could see you very snobby at juilliard dance school actually I had a dream last night a good dream and your dad was in that dream. So shoutout to your dad I don’t pay much thoughts to dreams but it was a happy dream bye 7:26 <3 7:39 ph my gosh that’s funny your name is now Rico as far as I’m concerned LOL 7:50 just live, Rico!! 8:01 wolf whistles I’m about to eat a can or 2 of spam so I know that I won’t feel this way forever but that’s a legit wolf whistle on my end yum those look good bye 8:34 omgomg I thought your hair looked really good there shoutout to you Morgan for like for calling that out because I really would have never have known those were hair extensions believe it or not I’ve heard similar before studiogrow . co/episode172/ like delete the spaces and that may be the wrong podcast but during like 2016 I heard a lot of weird stuff on an adriene mishler podcast like that she went to bed in Austin and woke up in Helsinki and stuff that sounded so weird but I’ve come to terms with California law (the only fair law I’ve ever seen from a courtroom within reason but everybody here is so adamant that I’m wrong and the newborns aren’t like when I was a newborn maybe I’m dead) but like I remember if this is the podcast link …. Like It would be very trippy to travel I feel like especially as a little girl I guess you’re grown up now Morgan but man … it’s okay not to know who you are I miss my daughter very much I wish I could have been a mommy for her I just mean , I am a dude all I can be is a dad and I mean did you know some nobody named brutus killed Caesar MARC ANTHONY WALKS 10:38 you’re right Morgan I’m gonna leave this podcast here for now and look up Caesar’s assassination as told by cleopatra and crew !!!! Ty Morgan

  20. Morgan! This is a complete L… in the sense of, I LOVE and can totally relate to everything you’re saying. ♥️ relax.. you’ve got this.

  21. Honestly, loved every minute of this and always love your honest chats because I relate so hard. The end had me sitting here taking birth control for the last 15 years dealing with severe mood swings like 🥲 hahaha I’m so happy you’re feeling better, I’m inspired to maybe try!

  22. A little bit different and a little bit longer. Thank you for being here HAPPY SUNDAY 😘😘😘 ily

    Also I agree eggs aren’t dairy but clearly it’s a hot topic ok hahahah

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