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8 Tips To Master The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT Position)

So, how different can a variation be? Not terribly so, but there’s enough of a twist to help you and your partner experience pleasure in a new way. 

According to Marla Renee Stewart, M.A., sexologist and expert for sexual wellness brand and retailer Lovers, the main difference between the coital alignment technique and the missionary position is that CAT sex mainly focuses on the clitoris, plus the penis is pointing downward in the vagina instead of upward. 

However, it’s similar to missionary sex because one person is on their back and the other person is on top, facing their partner. Breaking it down, Grove says, “With CAT sex, the partner on top—the one using their penis or dildo—focuses on clitoral stimulation while penetrating the vagina.” With missionary, on the other hand, “The person on top may not use their weight to put pressure on the clitoris or may use their fingers to stimulate manually.” 

Look at it this way: CAT is the hands-free version!

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