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8 Tips For Determining The Right Fertility Doctor For You

Trying to conceive is a very personal and important journey. Despite how Hollywood makes it seem, getting pregnant is not easy for a lot of couples. It can take some couples up to a year to get pregnant, and that is couples who are considered “healthy” when it comes to fertility. For other women, it can be a journey and they may require the help of a fertility clinic. After a couple has been trying for a year, if they are still not pregnant, they can often be referred to a fertility specialist.

However, they still always have a say in their healthcare, and there are no rules that say a woman cannot help to pick out the right specialist for her. Every woman has different needs and circumstances, so there is never a one-size-fits-all match for a fertility specialist. If a wishful mom is getting ready to find that fertility doctor who will help her start her family, there are 8 she may want to take into consideration.

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Maybe A ‘Reproductive Endocrinologist?’

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According to Very Well Family, there are more than fertility specialists, and it is important to figure out which one will work with you, and your partners, needs. The most common fertility doctor is called a ‘reproductive endocrinologist.’ This is a specialist who cares for general fertility in both women and men. It is a great place to start if you are being referred by a general practitioner and you need help narrowing down what the exact problem is.

Maybe An ‘Andrologist?’

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If both parties of a couple know who is the “concern” in trying to get pregnant, it can help narrow their search down. An andrologist is a fertility specialist who is also a urologist. That means that they treat male fertility issues alone. If it has already been established that the issues are male-driven, then this is the kind of doctor you need.

Reproductive Surgeons & Immunologists

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These two specialists are typically reserved for the more “severe” cases of fertility. A reproductive surgeon is one who can help remove fibroids or surgically treat endometriosis if needed. They can also help to reverse vasectomies or tubal ligations if that is what is need. A reproductive immunologist is used when there is a need for IVF, or when a woman has suffered from multiple miscarriages. They are also called in when fertility is seen as “unexplained.” If a woman has been to several doctors who cannot find a problem, this may be their next step.

Variety Of Treatments

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When picking a fertility clinic and doctor, you can think of it as an interview. This is a very private and intimate journey, and a woman has every right to find a clinic that will work for her. According to RMACT, it is important to see the different treatment options that are available at a certain fertility clinic. Fertility is not the same for every woman, and no woman should be treated the same as the person who was there before her. Make sure they have a variety of treatments and plans so that they can treat you like an individual.

Where Are The Labs?

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It is important to ask where the lab is that the clinic uses, and if they do not have a lab onsite, how do they ensure quality when transporting samples. Fertility treatments often involve a lot of bodily fluid, including blood, sperm and eggs. It is ideal that they have a lab on-site so that these do not need to travel far, but if they don’t you want to make sure they take all the necessary precautions to keep all of this safe.

Location Is Important

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According to Pregnantish, the location of the fertility clinic is incredibly important even if you don’t realize that right now. Using a fertility clinic can be an exhausting journey, and part of that is because you will be there very often when trying to conceive. There are daily ultrasounds and bloodwork involves. Ideally, this is a place that is either close to your home, or even close to your work. That way you don’t have to travel far to get there, and it can take some of the stress off.


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It is well within anyone’s rights to go on and read reviews and ratings of the clinic that they are considering and of the doctors themselves. Reading other’s experiences can be calming or alarming depending on what you are reading. It can help a woman feel confident in her choice, or let her know that she needs to find a new place. This doctor and clinic are going to help you bring a baby into the world, and this decision should be taken incredibly seriously.

Trust Your Gut

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At the end of the day, a woman should trust her gut. At your first appointment with the specialist, as any (and all) questions you have and get to know them. Make sure you leave having all your questions answered and if you leave feeling not so good in your gut, then it may be time to think about picking a different clinic.

Sources: Very Well Family, RMACT, Pregnantish

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