Most people have been hearing from their mother, grandmother, and their grandparents about Badam Pisin and its usage. Yes, Badam Pisin or almond gum is the best and essential element that has been used as a remedy for a long era.

Almond Gum(Badam Pisin):

Badam Pisin which is also known as almond gum is a natural gum obtained from the sweet almond tree.

This abstract obtained by a sweet almond tree and known as Badam Pisin is a very effective and efficient nutrient that works for the human body and mind as well.

The botanical name of the sweet almond tree is (Prunus Dulcis). Many of you might think that Badam Pisin or almond gum is obtained from the Indian badam tree but it is not true at all. The Indian badam tree which is known as Terminalia Catappa does not produce any type of gum.

Only sweet badam tree produces the gum which can be removed and used as badam pisin.


There are some specific characteristics about badam pisin that should be known. And these are-

  1. Badam pisin is obtained in a dry gelly form which is either colorless, pale yellow, or light brown in color and looks like small rocks.
  2. Almond Gum is edible, solidified resin obtained from a tree. Usage of tree resins for humans is recorded since the ancient Greek and Egyptian era.
  3. Resin(Gum) extracted from sweet Almond Tree is a healthy and beneficial food that can be stored and consumed with water, milk, or rose milk.
  4. Almond Gum Resin contains protein inside, and useful to boost male vitality, increase body weight, gain muscle, etc.
  5. Badam Pisin or almond gum is also called Badam Gondh and used to make sweets like Laddoo.
  6. Almond Gum is the result of the metabolic mechanism of the tree and is easily soluble in viscous and watery solutions. It can be easily dissolved in water and is used in making jellies, milkshakes, health drinks, etc.


There are many health benefits of badam pisin…

1. Body Coolant:

Badam Pisin or almond gum is a wonderful natural body coolant, which can prevent your body from heating and exaggerating the environment.

This is a perfect ingredient to use during burning summers to maintain body temperature on normal and keep the body cool. Many people are here who can not bear high temperatures and get suffered easily even from a little heat. Many men keep complaints about their exaggerating body temperature and intolerant burning atmosphere.

Here is a solution for them, that can cool their body and make them relax. By using the almond gum, unbearable body heating tends to settle down and keep the body cool.

2. Relaxation from burning sensation

Many people have been suffering from burning sensation due to scorching summer. In the summer, excessive body heat increases the body sensation and can show red eyes, burning sensation, itching, excessive sweating in the body.

This natural gum will work well on the heated body and tend your body cool and make it get rid of all these burning sensations.

3. For weight loss & weight gain

Some people suggest that Badam Pisin or almond gum can help in gaining weight. but the reality is that Badam Pisin does not help with either weight gain or weight loss by itself.

But it is also true that badam pisin is an amazing ingredient to filling and consuming for weight gain or loss. It all depends on the ingredients it is added along with, and used as either burning calories or gaining weight.

For example, calorie consumption results in weight loss. So if you want to lose weight, use badam pisin with skimmed milk, and for gaining weight, use it with calories dense ingredients. You can consume it with warm milk to get bodyweight.

4. Work as antioxidants

Nowadays people want a glowing, mesmerizing, and fit body. Badam is the best remedy for gaining skin glow, a fit body, and well physic.

One of the resins abstract like badam pisin is the best ingredient that works as an antioxidant, which can keep your body fit, glowing and make them healthy as well as mesmerizing.

5. For reducing acidity

A good stomach function can make you free of all disease, but if you are a bit of an unhealthy and dysfunctional stomach, it can lead you to unfit and weak immune. Badam Pisin is very soothing on the stomach and it is an amazing home remedy for reducing the acidity of the stomach and ulcers.

6. For skin care:

Most males are worried about their skin, especially in summer and screeching seasons. They are more concerned about reddish skin, itchy and wrinkled skin due to higher temperatures.

Using badam pisin, you can get rid off of all of these types of skin problems. It also can increase your skin glow and smoothness.

It is antioxidant and rich in nutrition property makes it more effective in skin problems. Badam Pisin can be applied externally as a face mask with gelly, on the skin to get cool and infarction-free skin.

7. Work as antibacterial

Badam Pisin or almond gum has both, anti-bacterial and wound healing properties. These properties make it a more effective and alternative remedy for treating all kinds of bacterial infections and injuries.

All the points above show an essential use of badam pisin for males as the remedy. It has been a very effective and health-enhancing nutrient that must be included in your daily diet.

Badam Pisin is also used to improve your brain capabilities and sharp your memory.

8. Increase testosterone 

Almonds gum contains high levels of the mineral zinc which is known to raise testosterone levels in men who are zinc deficient. If you are low in zinc this could stop the pituitary gland from releasing some of the key hormones for stimulating testosterone production.

It also one of the best remedies to increase sperm count for men.

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