7 Reasons Why Healthcare & Wellness Professionals Should Learn Reiki

Have you ever gotten a massage, chiropractic adjustment, or another form of bodywork from a professional who is also trained in Reiki healing?

If you’re a bodyworker or healthcare professional curious about incorporating Reiki into your practice, this blog is for you!

At the end of our session, I once asked my massage therapist, “Why were your hands so hot and tingly?” She just smiled and said it was Reiki. I was curious to learn more about this calming vibration I felt all over my body, but then life took over.

Ten years later, after losing six of my seven pregnancies, I suffered from severe depression. I have two exceptional children, but my sadness was so deep I couldn’t even appreciate them. Grief and trauma consumed me until I saw a random ad in a local magazine about a Reiki class.

I remembered how my massage therapist used to incorporate Reiki into her sessions and how calm it made me feel. Something told me to sign up for the Reiki class, so I did. Little did I know my life would be forever changed.

Within a few weeks of treating myself with Reiki, my grief lifted, and the joy I thought I’d never feel again flowed back into my life. Blown away by the results, I completed my Reiki training all the way to the Master level.

My name is Michal Spiegelman. I’m a Medical Intuitive and the founder of Beacons of Change.

When we first moved to Atlanta, I was excited to find a place to develop a Reiki business. When I met Roz Zollinger, owner of the Heal Center, I shared with her that I’m a former social worker trained in Reiki, Shiatsu, meditation, and color therapy. At the end of our conversation, she removed a key from her purse, handed it to me, and said, “You can use my room any time.”

The Heal Center became my home for teaching Reiki in 2001. Now, for the first time since the pandemic, we are returning to teach in-person Reiki classes!

Thousands of people have gone through my Reiki training. Many of them are caregivers: massage therapists, reflexologists, aromatherapists, energy workers, counselors, chiropractors, coaches, doulas, and nurses.

My greatest joy is witnessing how Reiki helped them grow personally and professionally.

Based on the experiences of many of our graduates, here are…

7 Reasons Why Healthcare & Wellness Professionals Should Learn Reiki:

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