7 Awesome Hacks for Making Easter Eggs

7 Awesome Hacks for Making Easter Eggs

From hard boiling to natural food dyes, read these tips before you make your Easter Eggs this year.Learn how to make natural dyes plus 6 more tips for hard boiling, dying and peeling your Easter Eggs @tspbasil

Hard Boiling Eggs Hacks

1) Hard boil your Easter eggs in the oven – Regan via @Healthy Aperture shows you how easy it is in this video.
Note: I like this tip if you are already baking something in the oven – just pop in the muffin tin. Otherwise, I’d use this next hack….

2) If cooking on pot in stove, Serena shares how hot (or not!) to get the water for the perfect hard boiled egg.

Easter Egg Dying Hacks

3)  You can ditch the artificial egg dyes. There are many ways to make natural food dyes for Easter eggs (or even your own homemade jello.)

I’d always wanted to try this and this was the year. Here’s a photo of which foods I used for which colors (I used this post as a guide: How to Make Vibrant Naturally Dyed Eggs via The Kitchn):

How to make natural dyes for Easter Eggs! @tspbasil

What did I think? Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the result.

Hey, it’s natural!
Beautiful, unique colors
Feel good about using more parts of the food (i.e. onion skins)

It’s time consuming
Spinach color was a bust

Would I do it again? Definitely and now my mission is to find a natural green hue. Stay tuned (or let me know in the comments if you have any ideas?)

4) Forget those flimsy plastic cups for dying – my daughter (and me as well) has tipped them over too many times. Instead, use deep and wide drinking glasses (or even stemless wine glasses) – they’re more sturdy and the entire egg will be covered.

5) Speaking of flimsy, ditch the small wire egg dye dippers for whisks easier for kids to use, too.

Instead of the small wire dipper, use a whisk to dye eggs + 6 more Easter Egg Hacks @tspbasil

Peeling Hard Boiled Egg Hacks

6) Serena shares a simple trick of adding baking soda to water before hard boiling eggs to help with peeling afterwards.

7) Have you seen the Shake In a Jar To Remove Egg Peel trick? I pinned this last year from Sarah @ A Thrifty Mom and like she wrote in her post, I’d say it worked 3 out of 4 times for me. Next time, I’d try a smaller jar and do it over the sink like Life Hacker showcases in this Quickly Peel A Hard-Boiled Egg video.

Any Easter egg tips, tricks or traditions you do? Please share below – would love to hear from you. Happy boiling and dying!

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