6 Types Of Facials & Their Benefits (Plus How To Choose)

Think of how you might treat your overall health: You’ll have annual checkups with a physician to address any concerns, but you might enlist the help of a dietitian and/or personal trainer to meet specific nutrition and fitness goals. With skin care, you can see a dermatologist for regular check-ins, but you might also see an esthetician to help manage the upkeep. 

And estheticians manage that upkeep in a very meaningful way: Appointments are usually an hour or more, so the expert can really spend time with your skin and address any concerns or goals you have. “Not only do [facials] clean out the pores and balance the skin, but your esthetician will also talk to you about how to care for your skin at home and what foods to avoid if you are having acne,” says Rouleau. Plus, they treat a vast range of skin types every single day, so estheticians have a repertoire of knowledge that can help you along your skin care journey. “Getting professional skin care advice early will give your good habits for a lifetime,” Rouleau adds. 

Of course, like nutrition and fitness, it’s also up to you to put in the work. After all, you can’t completely ignore your diet and workout regimen at home and expect any miraculous changes from your dietitian or trainer. Same with skin care: “If you’re not using the right products for your skin consistently, the results of a facial won’t last as long,” says Darden. 

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