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6 Sleeper-Agent Pathogens That Can Make You Sick

Your body usually does a great job defending you from all kinds of viruses, fungi, and bacteria. However, there are some pathogens out there that can hide from your immune system and stay dormant in your body, waiting for their opportunity to strike.

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Varicella zoster:
Measles virus:
Human immunodeficiency virus:
Mycobacterium tuberculosis:
Bacillus anthracis:
Toxoplasma gondii:


21 thoughts on “6 Sleeper-Agent Pathogens That Can Make You Sick

  1. important to note that studies have shown measles ALSO seems to "wipe the slate" on your immune systems memory to some extent, making you vulnerable to many illnesses you SHOULD HAVE BEEN immune to… hence the death rate form other childhood illnesses skyrocketing after a measles outbreak.

  2. Shingles is the worst pain I have ever experienced. I know several women who have had it and they each said that they preferred childbirth because the shingles lasted for months. I am not sure that I would even wish it on my worst enemy.

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  4. Y'all should do a lot more research there is definitely treatment for toxoplasmosis, here I did the research for, trustworthy you're not! Pyrimethamine and sulfadiazine, with folinic acid

  5. Man things go out of wack when you don't let your immune system ingrain those viruses into it's recognition system. All hail the super bacteria!
    Long time ago Europeans didn't bath very much or it was a privilege for the rich. Native Americans bathed regularly. My how the tables do flip.
    Somebody was a barbarian here I swear it.

  6. It has been discovered that tuberculosis spreads by breathing in addition to coughing.

    "By Apoorva Mandavilli
    Oct. 19, 2021
    Upending centuries of medical dogma, a team of South African researchers has found that breathing may be a bigger contributor to the spread of tuberculosis than coughing, the signature symptom.

    As much as 90 percent of TB bacteria released from an infected person may be carried in tiny droplets, called aerosols, that are expelled when a person exhales deeply, the researchers estimated. "

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