If you can get in two helpings of fish a week in there, so much the better. Else, you might want to consider where else to get your omega-3s, be it seeds and nuts, or seaweed.

Choose Smaller Meals, More Frequently

If you can’t eat much at one go—whether that’s because there’s a toddler or a crawler to chase, or because heartburn happens—start eating like your active youngster does.

Take child-size cereal and soups bowls or side plates for your meals. Take the time to snack right alongside your other little one(s). You might even adopt a grazing tray, same as an on-the-go toddler. After all, you all have the same nutritional dilemma right now—small space coupled with the need for fuel to grow! Evolution already has a ready answer for toddlers, which is grazing meals. It should work for you too, had you not been socialized to sit-down meals by the clock.

Unfortunately, the little bean in there isn’t going to wait to eat—something you already know from their sibling(s), right? Go on and graze, then! You’ll feel the better for it.

Similarly, like the youngsters, limit your caffeine and spices to stave off heartburn and nausea. The exception may be ginger, in food or as a tea—it helps with nausea. Citrus fruits, on the other hand, have the opposite effect.


Take Your Supplements, Under Supervision

You do need to be taking your prenatal vitamins, and in a busy household or workplace, it can be easy for them to slip your mind. Try and build a routine around it. For some, it can make sense to pop them in at bedtime with your youngsters—hey, they can help remind you! For others, first thing in the am works better, so let your wake-up alarm also flash a vitamin reminder. If you’re one of those who does better with supplements on a full stomach (iron can be especially pesky), choose lunchtime or dinnertime, and maybe even program it into any wearable tech you use—just in case mealtimes are screen-free in your home.

What you should do, though, is check which vitamins to take with your healthcare provider, and how much. Also make sure to ask whether to take them separately or together for best results, and do disclose whether you are already taking any other supplements, lest they clash or provide an excess. (Some fat-soluble vitamins, for instance, are toxic if too much sits in your body.)

Likewise, also check with your healthcare provider about the safety of any non-nutritive sweeteners you might be using.

Regulate the Fiber


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