Ever wonder why kids go nuts for snow while adults tend to see it as a pain in the ass? It doesn’t have to be this way. We’re here to help you rediscover the many wonders of a snowy day. Here are just five fun and sexy things you can do with snow this winter:

Top off a candlelit dinner at home with one of these snowy treats and let us know if your partner doesn’t drop their drawers immediately.

Interested in trying out some new sensations? Snow is just the thing. It’s much easier to use than ice, which you can’t put directly on skin without letting it melt a little first, lest you end up like the kid in A Christmas Story. Try letting some snow slowly melt on your partner’s body, sucking on it and then giving them oral, or inserting metal or glass sex toys into a bowl of snow to chill them before playing (just make sure the snow is fresh and pure white). Here are some temperature play tips and notes about safety.

It doesn’t even have to be the whole man, if you catch our (snow)drift!

Really missing being able to travel this winter? Build your very own ice hotel aka sex igloo in the backyard. Once you’re done with the hard labor, just lay down some blankets (don’t forget a waterproof layer first) and go to town!

There’s really no better time to snuggle than on a cold, snowy night. And the good news is, those thick socks you’re wearing could actually make you more likely to orgasm should things progress from cuddles to something more.


P.S. Looking for last-minute gift inspo? Look no further.

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