1: Give us a three word summary of who you are.

Bright, Resourceful, Healer

2: What drew you to a career as a doula?

I have always valued being in community with people who are making reproductive choices. When I learned about the power imbalance in our healthcare system, I immediately wanted to know who was filling in the gap. After I met a doula and learned about my history I felt called to support people in my community to the best of my ability.

3: What’s rocking your world right now, in birth or in parenting?

Right now learning about postpartum support and Southern Herbal Traditions has been rocking my world.

4: What has been your #saferathome silver lining?

My unending supply of leggings saves me everyday. I’m now transitioning into trendy sweatpants and I love it!

5: What’s your Top 5 Registry Must-Haves for new parents?

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