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5 Questions with Aviance — Emerald Doulas, LLC

Editor’s Note: Aviance is a postpartum doula and small business owner in her own right! Creating bath soaks and butters for adults.

1: Give us a three word summary of who you are.

I am ambitious, loving, and open-minded 

2: What drew you to a career as a doula?

My passion for the doula career stemmed from my traumatic postpartum experience. I found myself being an advocate for mothers during the postpartum period and wanting to give them the support that I sadly didn’t receive. I was surprised and excited to know that there was a whole career for what I was already doing. 

3: What’s rocking your world right now, in birth or in parenting?

Being a part of Emdo is currently rocking my world! I mean the platform that the owners have created for Doulas and parents is amazing and I am so happy to be a part of it. 

4: What has been your #saferathome silver lining?

The silver lining for me has to be spending lots of quality time with my husband and our son. We are doing so many things together as a family whether it’s walking, cooking new recipes, school work, and my favorite rap battles lol. 

5: What’s your Top 5 Registry Must-Haves for new parents?

  • White noise machine

  • Baby carrier

  • Bassinet

  • Swaddles

  • Diaper pail

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