5 Conservatives Rank Themselves on the Political Spectrum

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31 thoughts on “5 Conservatives Rank Themselves on the Political Spectrum

  1. if i was in this video i would’ve completely ignored kelly the entire time or just talk over her. girl needs to know she’s not the only human that has an opinion.

  2. helping Ukraine when we can't take care of ourselves isn't an act against America.. we're literally a part of NATO and have standards with other countries to remain peaceful. That money wasn't gonna go towards us regardless lol. if they really wanted to, they would.

  3. I like Kelly because she's not sugarcoating anything, she's just telling the truth. Just like some people don't appreciate shoving your religion down their throats, a lot of people don't appreciate shoving LGBTQ rights down their throats

  4. These conservatives talk about spending elsewhere and not in America to help our own citizens need to look at their party leaders in the Republican Party. They are the ones against helping veterans and others

  5. the whole episode was everyone having a discussion and kelly finding a way to dismiss their opinions and shove hers down their throats.

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