40-Minute Boxing & Kickboxing Workout With Christa DiPaolo

Creator of Boxing & Bubbles Christa DiPaolo is back with her signature class, Sweat Box. Get ready for 40 minutes that combines …


48 thoughts on “40-Minute Boxing & Kickboxing Workout With Christa DiPaolo

  1. меня хватило на 3 раунда) поняла, что совершенно не понимаю, как правильно двигаться в боксе) но завтра обязательно повторю, потому что понравилось)

  2. This used to be my favorite workout! But it's very difficult to follow when you have advertisements interrupting you five times during the workout.

  3. If I am being totally honest, this routine was a tad too complicated – missing out the cardio to follow the sequence. Keep it simple – I'll go back to the earlier ones…

  4. I love her so much. She is so sweet and makes me feel so good, she is also so funny and her workouts are easy to follow but even like that they are hard and make you sweat. I just love her.

  5. Not to be negative Nancy but I was beating myself on this one. It was so hard and I’m an ex personal trainer who has gotten so out of shape. I used to be able to do these with ease 😞

  6. i was about to quit this workout because i just couldn't get the moves, then christa was so motivating, it was hard to stop! Ended up being one of my favourites of hers!

  7. I have added in many of your workouts for a few months now but this is by far my all-time favorite! Your message at the end was exactly me, completely my why with a few other pieces sprinkled in! So amazing! Thank you!

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