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4 Ways to Help Your Baby’s Creativity Blossom– Nested Bean

It’s never too early to start sparking creativity in your baby surrounding your little one with creative experiences and encouraging curiosity can foster a more imaginative, open mind. These four ways to support your child’s creativity can help set your little one up for success.


Give your baby toys that can be used in many different ways. Toys that have more than one use encourage curiosity and exploration in infants. Try a tummy time mat with additional elements like play rings, a mirror, and detachable plush toys to inspire discovery of new shapes and colors at playtime.

Whether it’s a musical mobile over the changing table or as simple as a midday serenade, introducing music into your daily routine can make a big difference. With younger infants, you’ll notice their head turn in the direction of music playing, and as they grow, you’ll even see them react to familiar songs or sounds.

Before they can speak, babies communicate with facial expressions and physical gestures. They also learn to imitate the faces and gestures you make! So, give them a dramatic reading of their favorite bedtime story, complete with funny faces and wild hand motions to encourage their range of expressions. The next time you give them a snack they don’t like you might even catch them giving you the same sour expression you showed them during storytime!

Before your baby can be inspired, engaged, or challenged, they need their sleep. Sleep is essential for brain and body development in infants. You probably know that the recommended amount of sleep for your little one is between 13 and 18 hours daily, but what you may not be aware of is that their bodies need that much shuteye because their REM sleep cycles are different from adult sleep cycles. Much of their nearly 20 hours of daily sleep is made up of light sleep and periodic wake-ups. Gently weighted  Zen Sleepwear is designed to help babies weather these light periods of sleep and wake up well-rested. Keep the creativity of their day going through the night by dressing them in our Daydream Collection colors and prints, and let their sleepwear be as creative as their dreams. 

You are your baby’s world; the first smile they see, the first voice they hear. You are their example of everything, and since you provide the cues that your little one will follow, if they absorb you singing, storytelling, or creating art, it helps inspire them to start using those same outlets to express themselves. So express yourself, and your baby will follow your lead!

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