Four Tricks To Staying Cool During The Summer While Pregnant

Being hugely uncomfortable during the latter end of your pregnancy can be even worse during the summer because of the heat.

When I was pregnant with my first son, I was very large all through the summer because he was born in September. I would get off work each day around 3-4 in the afternoon which was the worst, because my car was never in the shade, and my A/C didn’t get cold until I was just about home 10 minutes later.

I would literally sit on the air conditioner vent that was in our dining room floor, for at least 15 minutes every day. Sometimes I’d eat my dinner right there too because I was so hot all of the time.

It may feel impossible to stay cool! But here are four things I learned help tremendously and work better than just having a fan on your face all day.

  • bamboo sheets
  • cooling towels
  • high quality athletic clothing
  • cool showers

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets are the best thing for sleeping in to stay cool. They are historically rated and reviewed as the best fabric for your bedding to reduce overheating at night when you’re asleep.

They’re super soft and high quality that I wondered how I slept for so many years without them. The ones I have came with my Purple mattress, but there are many brands that are great too.

Most come with a warranty that lasts years longer than any other brands of sheets you can just find at a local retail store. Give them a try and let me know how much better you’re sleeping.

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Cooling Towels

Athletes, campers, and hikers often use these special types of towels around their necks on or their heads to stay cool. They’re made of certain fabrics that stay cooler much longer than you’re typical wash cloth.

The type I’ve used are called Frogg Toggs and are made of a rubbery foam-like material. They take a long time to dry and don’t feel tepid after just a few minutes. They’re not expensive at all and actually work really well.

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Athletic Clothing

You may be keen on wearing your boyfriend or husband’s larger sized clothing, even your yoga or sweat pants for comfort. But these materials still don’t breath very well and can hold in all your sweat.

Get yourself a few sets of high quality athletic clothing, like Under Armor or Lulu Lemon. You may have to buy a size larger than normal, but the nice thing is that they’re always stretchy to fit your growing shape.

Don’t worry if they’re snug. These materials are great at wicking away moisture from off your skin and you’ll still feel much cooler even if you’re sweating. I’ll never go back to plain cotton t-shirts and leggings after using higher quality clothing.

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Cool Showers

You don’t have to take ice baths or go to the extreme to cool down with a simple shower. Just adjust the temperature a little below a neutral tepid and slowly lower your body temperature.

Take a cool shower a few times a day and the drying off will also take heat from you as the water evaporates off your skin. Try a cooler bath when you’re not having any aches and pains. Pour in some bath salts that have cooling affects too.

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Stay Cool Out There!

Be sure to drink the amount water than you need to and be sure that you don’t over heat. If you find yourself in a heat stroke or heat exhaustion, get to the doctor right away to keep you and your baby safe from over heating.

Let me know which of these work the best for you or what you like the most:

  • bamboo sheets
  • cooling towels
  • high quality athletic clothing
  • cool showers

You can still have a fun summer or stay cool even when you feel like a walking furnace. These things helped me, and I know they’ll make a big difference for you.


Four Tricks To Staying Cool During The Summer While Pregnant

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