35 (Every) Supernatural TV Show Monsters And Creatures - Backstories Explored - Feature Length Video

All Monsters And Creatures From The Supernatural TV Series

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37 thoughts on “35 (Every) Supernatural TV Show Monsters And Creatures – Backstories Explored – Feature Length Video”
  1. What’s funny is Pitbulls are actually incredibly sweet dogs, so you’re saying that hell hounds are just really big pathetic dogs that ham it up for your attention

  2. ok , having a voice like a GPS -device is one thing (which is realy realy REALY getting on my nerves , is this guy a voice computer or is he an actual human?…) BUT THIS GUY'"S (voice computer?) LINES THAT HE READS OMG …
    I QUOTE " wendigos are superb hunters both during the day and the night. Its pretty much the ideal hunter,. It is wiser than you are, and this gadget makes an exellent night time hunter , but it makes a good hunter during the day…"
    WTF IS THIS, its like a downy wrote this, and he talks like one too …
    fo real, dump this dude/computer and hire me, i have a much nicer voice to listen to and at least i'll dubblecheck my lines for errors before mumbling it in a video and putting it online…
    there i said it, OK?

  3. After season 5 the only episodes I truly enjoyed were the monsters of the week/the hunts. The cycle of finding a case, driving to town, helping the locals and moving on never got old for me. Love the Winchesters.

  4. Anyone who's Jewish, y'all gotta show me a Jewish golem in person if one of y'all got a golem in storage somewhere.
    Also this is one of the many things I love about the Jewish Community, just a bunch of awesome people to hangout with in life.😎

  5. So Hellhounds don't go after those who aren't sin tripping in life let alone made deal with Lucifer or a demon from Hell, make a mental note of that everyone.😉

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