33 Vitamins/Supplements I Use + My Top 5 Suggestions (Vegan + Hypothyroidism)

All the Vitamins & Supplements a Hypothyroid Vegan (like me) uses! In this video I show 30-ish of the products I use and why they are beneficial…from weight loss to improved skin to energy! Plus – I share my Top 5 Suggestions (*consult a healthcare professional).


Shout-out to Anthony Williams aka @MedicalMedium for his research and findings in nutrition and healing foods. I HIGHLY recommend checking out his books…

✿Website: https://www.medicalmedium.com
✿Books: http://bit.ly/MedicalMediumBooks

Shot on: My iPhone (sorry)
Directed & Edited: By Me 😉

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30 thoughts on “33 Vitamins/Supplements I Use + My Top 5 Suggestions (Vegan + Hypothyroidism)”
  1. I'm literally binge watching all your videos! This was such an informative video. I'm a vegetarian and I need to get on some of these supplements and take better care of myself. Thank you for all this valuable information 🤗💜

  2. Hello mam, I just saw your video and I'm super excited to follow your regime. Even I have hypothyroidism so would it be safer for me to take all of em..? Your response would be much appreciated.

  3. Do you have vegan hypo what I eat in a day? I’m vegan and found out I may have hypo and feel so lost on what to eat now. Soy has been my go to protein for years now.

  4. Get the best herbal medicine to cure any kind of thyriods from Dr onyeneke on YouTube he cured my Hyperthyroidism and fibromyalgia with his natural herbal medicine

  5. It was my greatest opportunity using Dr.Uromi herbal medicine on YouTube for herpes which gave me alot of concern , today I have been cured of herpes virus since November 25 , 2020 , I appreciate #Druromi for his help ..

  6. Hi I have a question hopefully you can help me I have low thyroid and I have gained a lot of weight rapidly especially in my breast area my breasts look like melons and I am very uncomfortable and self-conscious about it what kind of vitamins I could take that would help decrease my breasts quickly and speed up my metabolism to help me overall lose weight fast ? Thank you I hope you can help me thanks for sharing your video !

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