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30 Day Plank Challenge At Home – Lose Body Fat, Get Skinny

The secret about the Plank exercise, is that it looks very simple to do… But it is so effective in burning belly fat, burning calories and reducing body fat in general!

In fact it’s so effective that I recommend anyone willing to get in shape at home to start a 30 day Plank challenge!

Don’t get scared, it’s not as hard as it sounds. You won’t be sitting for 11 minutes doing Planks continuously.

This workout has rest time included, and some Plank variations to give you better results and make it more interesting.

The key here is to exercise everyday for 30 days with this Plank challenge at home – and watch the results on your body, belly, and maybe your six pack! (but only after 30 days).

So start the challenge today and be sure to subscribe to the channel to receive new video workouts regularly everyday Monday to Friday.

Also leave me a comment below to tell me how you feel and what is your current progress with this Plank challenge!

Good luck!πŸ’ͺ❀️


23 thoughts on “30 Day Plank Challenge At Home – Lose Body Fat, Get Skinny

  1. I’m gonna give u an update every single day coz I want to keep myself motivated 😩❀️ Hopefully it lasts a long time~

    My personal track:
    Day 1: 58.7 kg
    Day 2: 58.3 kg
    Day 3: 57.8 kg

  2. Feeling very difficult seriously still gonna try it for 30 days and see what happens..
    Day 1 – done
    Day 2 – done
    Day 3 – not in good mood skipper
    Day 4 – done
    Day 5 – skipped due to festival
    Day 6 – same
    Day 7 same
    Day 8 – done

  3.’s my first day today 😚, and I made it, hopefully I can do it daily, btw, can I do this exercise twice a day? Like morning and evening? Thank you😌

  4. Trying this today! Alongside with the 5 minute workout on Musclewatching channel- since i heard this exercise is a great help in arm fats
    Started: November 9 2021

    Day 1 (1/1) : it was kinda hard i did sweat a lot when i watch this – hoping id be able to continue this 🀞😭
    Day 2 (1/1) : lmaoooo i woke up with my whole body being sore😭 – especially around my stomach area which really cause me to not sleep well last night – but yeah anyway i just finished doing this
    Day 3 (1/1)
    – wasn't able to do a night 5 minute workout last night because my body was really hurting to the point that it hurts even when I do a little twist 😭- Im at the point of giving up because I was really tired of getting up in bed, but yeah anyway i decided to still do it
    -so far the aching starts to go and it seems that its easier now to finish this haha🍾
    Day 4 (1/1)
    – so far i was able to do this, my body ache seems to go away now haha, yeah anyway i think there's no progress since i somehow keep eating so ill also limit my food intake today
    – was able to skip some rest time to continue to the next one haha
    Day 5 (2/2)
    – lmaoo cant believe i made it to day 5, anyway im thinking of skipping this day but i said to myself if i skip today there's a lot of possibilities im gonna make a lot of that excuses like that- so I did this again and its a lot easier and my body is not aching anymore
    – update : i did it again
    Day 6 (1/1)
    – it's knda more easy now than the day i started doing it
    Day 7 (1/1)
    -it kind of became hard (lmao idk what happened) but i was able to complete it
    Day 8 (1/1)
    – i wasnt able to do it in the morning so i decided to do it tonight

    – so i wasn't seeing any' big changes' in my body since i think because i ate rice ( so yeah by tomorrow I PROMISE NOT TO EAT ONE and that ill do a water fasting) but yeah somehow my waist is knda curvy than before and my arns kinda become stronger

    Day 9 (1/1)
    Day 10 (1/1)
    Day 11 (1/1) – wasnt able to updatste but I've been doing it everyday

  5. Ill keep an update for this..

    Starting weight: 178 lbs
    Day 1: nov 22 its kinda hard. Did this in vening
    Day 2: nov 24 its harder since i did dis afternoon
    Day 3 nov 25 its harder cause my sweat makes me slipped on the floor.πŸ˜… my tummy is aching since i woke up in the morning.
    Day 4 nov 26 its easier this time. Except when my naughty 1 yr old son try to ride on my back🀣
    Day 5 nov 27 its getting easier ds day. Many sweat..

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