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3 Smart Spending Habits As We Exit Pandemic Life From An Expert

One thing that will make you YOLO real quick is feeling restricted and like your budget doesn’t allow you to have fun. Usually when this is happening, your spending isn’t in alignment with your values and the things that bring you joy. Yes, you can certainly have moments when you don’t have as much discretionary income to put toward those things, but a little bit goes a long way, and setting the intention can keep you focused. When we are spending in alignment with what is important to us, the FOMO and the YOLO kinda disappear. 

Now that you’ve assessed your values, it’s time to actually take some action to make sure that money is flowing to the right places. Budgets are meant to be flexible, not rigid and restrictive. The simple structure of a budget is actually the thing that will allow for freedom and flow. So, if you want to keep some of those hobbies or habits you picked up during the pandemic, it’s important to look at how they can fit into your financial flow in a post-pandemic life. 

There were many things in our lives that shifted, like buying gas, eating out, commuting time, etc. It’s time to start thinking of that list of shifts so you can see how it might affect your resources. Write out everything with the costs so you can make intentional decisions and moves with your money. 

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