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3 Rituals To Do Every Morning For Better Sleep At Night

In addition to being a good low-intensity exercise, walking in the morning promotes sleep by keeping our body’s circadian clocks ticking along smoothly.

Getting some sun shortly after waking will tell your body that it’s time to wake up and start the day. It’s especially important for people who spend most of their time inside in front of screens: The body thrives when it’s exposed to sunlight during the day and darkness at night, and it’s difficult for us to know when to sleep if we always think it’s Zoom o’clock.

In short: Anything we can do to get in touch with the rhythms of nature will also help us connect to the rhythms of our own bodies. So after your early sweat and mindful moment, taking a sunny stroll will cap off your healthy morning that will continue to serve you well into the day and night.

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