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25 Healthy Sandwich Recipes for Kids

Sandwiches are portable, versatile and most importantly, kid-friendly! Check out some Healthy Sandwich Recipes for Kids that include a range of ingredients!

Recently I heard a discussion comparing Indian food and other ‘foreign’ foods. One person was talking about how Indian food was time consuming to prepare, while the other was talking about why things like sandwiches were unhealthy even if they were easy to make.

Want to know what I think? I disagree with both!

Yes, some Indian dishes are certainly time consuming, but there are many that are really easy to make. And coming to the second point, a sandwich is as healthy or unhealthy as you wish it to be!

It is assumed that the sandwich originated in the kitchen of John Montagu, the Earl of well.. Sandwich! Montagu was a degenerate gambler who spent hours at the card table. One day, he was hungry but couldn’t get up from the table, due to which he ordered his cook to get him something handy to eat. The cook slapped together some bread and meat and lo! The first sandwich was born!

Yes, sandwiches are super convenient to make, but here are some more reasons this dish has reached the world over from Montagu’s kitchen:

  • Sandwiches are portable, making them perfect for lunchboxes and picnics
  • You can include a large number of ingredients in a sandwich
  • Sandwiches are versatile – they can be sweet or savory
  • You can make them as big or as tiny as you like
  • They’re the perfect food for a large crowd
  • Sandwiches can be cut into any shape you like
  • They’re the perfect way to finish up leftover meat or vegetables

That said, a soggy, sponge like sandwich is terrible to eat. Keeping a few things in mind can ensure you make the perfect sandwich for yourself or another person.

Tips for the Perfect Sandwich

  • Choose the right bread – a thicker, denser one for moister filling and a thinner one for a light filling
  •  Go with a mild flavored or plain bread for more intense fillings and a heartier bread for mild filling
  • Experiment with sauces and spreads, but be careful when using spicy ones, especially with kids
  • When spreading, make sure the spread goes all the way to the edges and corners of the bread
  • Use butter or mayonnaise to protect the bread from wet ingredients like tomatoes
  • Avoid using lettuce and tomato in a sandwich that won’t get grilled unless you’re eating it right away
  • Add watery ingredients like tomato and lettuce in between meat and cheese to protect the bread
  • Sandwiches should be made fresh and right before serving
  • If you need to pack it for later, use baking paper or parchment paper to wrap the sandwich
  • When making sandwiches for kids, consider their appetite and make smaller sandwiches

Okay, looks like we’re all set to make a good sandwich! Here are our top picks for healthy sandwich recipes for kids, which include sweet, savory, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. You’re sure to find something your kids will love!

Sandwiches are portable, versatile and most importantly, kid-friendly! Check out some Healthy Sandwich Recipes for Kids that include a range of ingredients!

Sandwiches are among the easiest ways to tackle your little one's hunger pangs! Try out this hung curd vegetable sandwich that is packed with flavor, nutrition and a good crunch!

When we think of sandwich spreads, our thoughts go first to butter, cheese or mayonnaise. We forget a humble ingredient lying in our kitchen that’s healthier than these – curd or dahi! Hung curd is thick and of the perfect consistency to mix with fillings and spread on bread.

Give a regular chutney an Italian makeover with this recipe from Feel Good Foodie. Instead of chutney, this recipe uses pesto made from basil leaves and walnuts, although you can try any type. The rest of the sandwich is simple, with mozzarella cheese and tomato.

This is the classic afternoon high tea cucumber sandwich and in case you’ve been wondering how to make it, My Active Kitchen has the recipe for you. Use English cucumbers and a good quality cream cheese for the flavors to really stand out.

You’ve probably seen bread pizza recipes, but this one from Hebbar’s Kitchen is the combination of pizza and a full fledged sandwich! You’ll find regular pizza ingredients like cheese, chilli flakes and herbs along with Indian ingredients like green chutney and chaat masala. A fusion dish if there ever was one!

Rajma /Red Kidney Beans Sandwich Recipe for kids

Sandwiches are a great way to get kids to eat things they would otherwise refuse. For instance, they may not be too keen about a bowl of rajma masala, but they’ll thoroughly enjoy this rajma sandwich – in fact, they won’t even identify the rajma!

This aloo sandwich or potato sandwich from Cook Click n Devour is a great way to make use of leftover potato bhaji or any other potato dish! Adding spices like cumin and chaat masala will give it a certain street-food vibe, which kids love!

Sweet corn is one of the most fiber-rich food kids can have, but not all kids enjoy eating boiled or steamed corn kernels claiming it’s too bland. If that’s the case in your home, try out this recipe from Veg Recipes of India that combines corn with bell pepper to create a nutritious and colorful sandwich filling.

This recipe from Kleinworth & Co is another classic sandwich recipe, but many people struggle with getting that egg filling just right. Follow this recipe to the letter to get a salad that tastes deliciously creamy with the right amount of spice. Lots of protein in a single go!

If your child’s diet is lacking in protein, sandwiches are a great way to sneak in protein-rich foods like eggs and paneer. This paneer sandwich recipe will be a welcome change for kids who find paneer too bland for their taste otherwise.

Here’s a fun way to have egg burji – inside a sandwich! Sharmis Passions has a recipe that includes quite a bit of spices along with capsicum and cheese for a truly desi sandwich that’s bursting with flavor in every bite!

If you’re a vegan household, you may find it a little harder to include protein in your child’s diet. In that case, be sure to try out this recipe from Lettuce Veg Out that makes use of chickpeas to provide the bulk for the filling. Instead of canned chickpeas, you can soak and cook dried chickpeas in a pressure cooker.

Bombay is popular for its street food, and the Bombay sandwich is one of the city’s iconic dishes. Jyoti Babel shows us how to make this classic Indian snack, and all you need are ingredients you already have at home, like potatoes and green peas. Be sure to make the chutney – the sandwich is not complete without it!

chutney sandwich

Most Indian style sandwiches feature green chutney and tomato sauce, but this one is a little different since it features coconut chutney! Yes, coconut chutney isn’t just for dosa and idli, it also works well with sandwiches! Toasting the bread makes this sandwich extra crispy and delicious.

Kristine’s Kitchen has a delicious recipe that uses canned tuna and Greek yogurt for a healthy sandwich that can be eaten as a snack or for lunch. If you don’t like canned tuna, you can use fresh tuna or any other fish of your choice,  like salmon.

How pretty are these sandwiches from Super Healthy Kids? One look at this and the kids will be excited to try them out – they won’t worry about what the ingredients are! The best part is that you can add anything you like to it as the toothpick will hold everything together.

tricolor sandwich

This tricolor sandwich would make an ideal breakfast for Independence Day or Republic Day, but it also works on other days of the year! The different colored chutneys give this sandwich its unique look, not to mention it’s wonderful flavor.

We often think of sandwiches as lunch food, but they’re great as breakfast too! Pinch Me Good shows us how to make a nutritious and filling breakfast sandwich using eggs, spinach and tomato.

What we love about this recipe from Lovely Little Kitchen isn’t the recipe itself, but the way it’s made! You can use a loaf of pav buns to make these sliders, and they would be an excellent pick for a large group of people or a kiddie party. You can use any fillings you like, and don’t have to restrict yourself to the recipe.

My Tasty Curry gives us a recipe for a traditional Indian style omelette sandwich. This is probably the easiest sandwich recipe you can put together in next to no time at all! You can use any cheese you have on hand, whether it’s spread, cubes or slices. Anything works!

Is it a burger or a sandwich? We’re not sure, but we certainly don’t mind since it’s quite a unique one! Fun Food Frolic shows us how to make tikkis out of dalia and rajma, which form the heart of this simple and healthy sandwich.

PB&J is considered a classic sandwich which was a favorite with Elvis Presly. Paula Deen gives us her version of this classic, using bananas, peanut butter and honey. The result is a sandwich that’s loaded with protein, fiber and lots of micro nutrients – and tastes heavenly too!

This recipe from Don’t go Bacon my Heart features how to make the chicken tikka from scratch, but if you’ve got leftover chicken then you can skip that step and go straight to the sandwich! Using yogurt along with mayonnaise makes this recipe healthy and filling, working well as a quick lunch or dinner.

We love how gorgeous this fruit sandwich from Matcha and Tofu looks! It’s been cut so perfectly and all the fruits stand out beautifully against that cream filling. You can make this with whatever fruits are in season – just go for different colors to catch the kids’ attention!

From Japan we move on to Korea, with this street style sandwich from Kimchimari. This is similar to our omelette sandwich, but the difference lies in the way the omelette is made – it includes a few veggies and looks different too. At any rate, we’re sure it tastes delicious!

Can you have a list of recipes for kids without mentioning chocolate at least once? Minimalist Baker brings chocolate to a yummy sandwich recipe, that also uses almond butter along with pomegranate. Make your own nut butters to keep it healthy and use 100% natural chocolate. Perfect for chocoholics!

Sandwiches are portable, versatile and most importantly, kid-friendly! Check out some Healthy Sandwich Recipes for Kids that include a range of ingredients!

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