2021’s Top 5 Fitness Software for Online Distance Coaching

Get the Basics…

  • The best fitness software for online distance coaching includes features like websites, mobile apps, and a workout creator.
  • Many fitness software platforms for online training lack functional features like nutrition plans or fitness assessments.
  • Your business plan will be important to consider when choosing the right online personal training platform.

Personal training and fitness coaching have grown immensely in recent years, even virtually. Finding the best fitness software for online distance coaching can help you manage clients more effectively while improving your income. The top gym management software options include all-in-one services that help make life easier for online personal trainers.

Choosing the right fitness software is important to a long and successful career. You’ll want a product that offers flexibility with scheduling, purchases, marketing, and more. We’ll help by comparing some of the top fitness software options for online personal trainers.

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The Top 5 Fitness Software for Online Distance Coaching

Business management solutions have grown in recent years, with more and more clients looking for convenient fitness options to help hold them accountable while reaching their goals. While many people invest in products like Peloton, BeachBody, and other video-based workouts, others still want the personalized guidance of an online trainer or coach.

One important consideration when learning how to be an online personal trainer is what your future business will look like. How much growth do you want? Personal training, even online, can be a challenging career that requires excellent organization, communication, and time-management skills. Fitness software for online personal trainers should help with all of those tasks.

#1 – Exercise.com

When considering the best fitness coaching software platforms, Exercise.com always stands amongst the preferred choices. Although you’ll be able to capitalize on Exercise.com’s workout software platform, this software does much more than just provide the ability to create and sell workouts.

Exercise.com offers virtually all of the key elements of coaching software. This includes custom-branded websites, marketing integrations, custom-branded fitness apps, fitness assessment software, an exercise library, scheduling capabilities, and much more.

You’ll see above that Exercise.com offers more features than any of the top competitors to help make remote online coaching more efficient than ever.

#2 – Mindbody

While Exercise.com offers a full gamut of resources for online personal trainers, there are some capable runners-up. As an online coach and/or fitness business owner, you need to consider your needs and goals for potential growth.

It’s also important to note that your needs might differ if you are partially online, fully online, or if you are strictly in-person with your clients. What do gym clients care about? Are the needs of in-person clients the same as online clients? Not exactly.

Mindbody has become a popular option for personal trainers, fitness studios, and even other companies that rely on accurate scheduling such as salons, massage parlors, and so on. Mindbody software tends to be user-friendly, but it does have limitations.

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With Mindbody, most client management and scheduling are possible. What Mindbody is missing is an included website, exercise library, accessory items like assessments and nutrition plans, and gym ecommerce software. By adding Ecommerce software, you can quickly improve your overall revenue with very little additional effort.

Mindbody can be considered one of the apps personal trainers can use to improve communication with their clients. One of the major tasks for personal trainers includes consistent communication to maximize accountability.

Learn more about how Mindbody stacks up to Exercise.com in, “Best Mindbody Alternative: Exercise.com vs. Mindbody“.

#3 – Trainerize

Trainerize is another up-and-coming fitness software platform for online distance coaches. Trainerize actually has many of the same features as Exercise.com’s gym management software, but there are still a handful of missing components when comparing the two.

In short, Trainerize is an excellent communication, scheduling, and management platform for online personal training. That said, there does appear to be one major flaw… there’s no website included. While you might expect to pay a little more for a product like Exercise.com, you’ll be provided with a customized website as well.

If you select Trainerize, you’ll have to pay someone else for website design, marketing, and hosting. These luxuries can add up quickly with many outside companies.

Learn more about how Trainerize stacks up to Exercise.com in, “Best Trainerize Alternative: Exercise.com vs. Trainerize“.

#4 – TrueCoach

TrueCoach is another modern online training platform that is growing in popularity. This is an app-driven software that helps online personal trainers develop and communicate workouts. Like Trainerize, TrueCoach doesn’t include website creation and integration, so you’ll need to find another provider for website hosting.

TrueCoach is also lacking many other important features for online personal training such as an exercise library, performance reports, and account integrations. This means you won’t be able to connect all of your social media or related accounts to your products. You’ll also be spending more time answering questions from clients about exercise techniques or cues that could have been covered with more adept software.

Learn more about how TrueCoach stacks up to Exercise.com in, “Best TrueCoach Alternative: Exercise.com vs. TrueCoach“.

#5 – My PT Hub

My PT Hub is the last of the top fitness software for online distance training. My PT Hub is another strong competitor in fitness business management solutions. This software offers many of the most important functional features needed to be a successful online personal trainer.

For example, with My PT Hub, you’ll be able to generate and deliver online workouts, nutrition plans, and assessments to your clients virtually. The apps provided are custom-branded and offer many great features for trainers. Unfortunately, it does appear that the apps need some improvement, according to reviews on the app store.

My PT Hub could use some improvements for business management as well. Some of the management features and performance metrics aren’t available with My PT Hub, limiting your potential for growth as an online distance coach.

Learn more about how My PT Hub stacks up to Exercise.com in, “Best My PT Hub Alternative: Exercise.com vs. My PT Hub“.

Top Fitness Software for Online Personal Training

Personal training and online coaching have become very competitive fields. Capitalizing on strong fitness software for online distance training can help you make more money with less hassle. You’ll want to consider what features are most important for your business plan.

If you want the best fitness software for online distance training, you’ll want an all-in-one product that offers websites, marketing assistance, business reports, and more. Find out how Exercise.com can boost your online coaching revenue by booking a demo today.

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