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  1. so sorry about your family. cancer sucks balls! i shaved my head in oct of 2021 cuz i fried it trying to bleach it myself 🙂 ugh it was so bad. so i took my dog shaver and buzzed it off. now i didnt freak but i do wish i had gone in for maybe a short pixie cut. but whatever. it is now at that really bad stage of growing straight up, cuz its not heavy enuff to fall LOL so i wear a baseball hat a lot. and luckily it is winter so having any hat on is normal. will hopefully be somewhat better come late spring/summer. if i was 19 i would have cried my eyes out, but at my advanced LOL age, ehhh no big deal! will however try not to ever bleach my own hair again! 3rd time…you would think i would have learned???duh!

  2. Thank you so much for this video! I am going to shave my hair this spring in solidarity for people around me who got cancer and I wanted some hair back by my graduation picture! You are giving me hope!

  3. Hello, can i ask?my hair is actually dry and thick.I was rebonded 2 times and i didn't took care of it that's why my is very aaaa, idk what to say but if i ever shave my hair, what will happen?I'm 14 yrs old now.The first time i got rebonded was like 11 and then the second time was 12.

  4. im excited for my hair to grow out like yours. im almost at a year. i have until may 20th and the hair in the front is to my lips and the hair in the back is to my caller bones. idk why but i thought it would be a bright idea to bleach and dye my hair while im still trying to grow it out and now its kind of damaged. im planning on trying to dye it my natural color but that might be hard.

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