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By admin

  1. Me a USA citizen hears her say "Saint Louie", dies a little inside. My husband has friends who live there and even they don't call it that.
    Edit: she admitted she didn't know how to pronounce it, the second way you said it was correct.

  2. Hello, I was watching another video on the 1918 pandemic and yours came up after; I am 10 minutes in, and this is one of the clearest, most concise presentation on the subject that I have yet to see. If there were to adverts saying "Your eyes would literally bleed" or "Death comes by suffocating inside your own frothy, bloody fluids," I think we might be able to overcome some of the resistance to getting a flu shotbthat we see today. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights with us, now back to the video!

  3. I must say that I absolutely love this history series! I found your channel when I was in a true crime phase of life, but since I have decided that true crime is a bit too scary for me I’m glad to still be able to check out some of your fantastic videos!

  4. I find it so interesting that we still call it the Spanish flu even though it didn’t come from Spain but can’t call COVID-19 the Chinese virus even though we know it came from China…. I digress, it’s crazy how history is really repeating itself in such a similar way.

  5. In the year of 19 and 18, God sent a mighty disease.

    It killed many a-thousand, on land and on the seas.

    Great disease was mighty and the people were sick everywhere.

    It was an epidemic, it floated through the air.

    The doctors they got troubled and they didn't know what to do.

    They gathered themselves together, they called it the Spanish flu.

    Soldiers died on the battlefield, died in the counts too.

    Captain said to the lieutenant, "I don't know what to do."

    Well, God is warning the nation, He's a-warning them every way.

    To turn away from evil and seek the Lord and pray.

    Well, the nobles said to the people, "You better close your public schools."

    "Until the events of death has ending, you better close your churches too."

  6. Circling back here to say a massive THANK YOU!! I watched this video twice when it was released. My dad watched part of it with me as well. This video really prepared us for what to expect with Coronavirus and given the format, it was nice to have another memorable source of info during this pandemic. Sending so much love from the USA!

  7. "deadliest pandemic in history" if you're adjusting for world population, that title would belong to smallpox. Which is easily the deadliest virus in history. Even in the 1900s, when we already had a vaccine and in which smallpox was eradicated before the century was even over, it killed between 300 and 500 million people. So which specific pandemic? I don't know, pick one. Maybe when Europeans first brought it over to the Americas, when it went full Captain Trips on the natives. The bubonic plague killed a third of Europe? Those are rookie numbers, smallpox killed 90% of the native Americans. Not a 90% mortality rate for those infected, it killed 90% of the total population. That's why Columbus & his goons so easily took over, the natives had just come off a viral apocalypse. Speaking of apocalypse, it might also be one of the ancient pandemics like the Plague of Cyprian, which was so severe that some literally thought it was THE END OF THE WORLD, that the disease was going to kill every man, woman, and child in the world. Maybe it's even a pandemic we don't know happened because this demon of a virus has been killing us en masse since prehistoric times. Unlike, say, measles, which evolved about 1,000 years ago.

    And now? Now… we live, and the variola virus does not. Humanity has done a lot of amazing things, but for my money, the single greatest accomplishment our species has ever done is the eradication of smallpox. This thing has killed billions. BILLIONS! It killed more people than war! Imagine that, a virus that's deadlier to us than we are to ourselves. It defies belief. But our best minds figured out how to fight it. Our entire species came together to fight it, they hunted it to its last bastions, until December 9th 1979 when the global eradication of the monster was officially declared. December 9th should be a global holiday. It is our greatest victory. It's a shame this inspiring event isn't celebrated like it should be.

  8. I’m Spanish and nowadays we say the Spanish flu, in Spanish “la gripe española”. However when we are taught about it in school we are told it most likely didn’t come from Spain and at least at my school we were taught it came from the United States, not france which I think is so interesting

  9. I agree spitting is gross people should be fined they spit in street or go get tissue and spit in it and throw it away and wash hand no one need your taken gem home on they shose and in home people need start think about other people and keep your gem and not on street

  10. I love how surprised you sounded when you said the flu was in New Zealand. Haha. It was our worst disaster in our history I believe. It even killed one of our MPs who was leader of the new Labour party.

  11. This was a great video and I appreciate the extra info, having already seen Caitlin’s video. I did however find the bouncing incredibly distracting

  12. Two cases of relatives dying in the flu pandemic have been documented by genealogists in my family. The first was my grandmother's grandmother's mother on my mom's side. Her husband was found in the cemetery with a shovel, digging his own grave beside hers the night after her funeral, and spent the rest of his life in a Lansing asylum. On my dad's side, one of my grandfather's brothers got up, ate a hearty breakfast, did a full day's work, went home, had a good dinner, went to bed, then in the middle of the night, his brother who he shared a bed with woke up to the sound of his labored breathing, and when he rolled over to look at him, Great-Uncle Dennis said "Don't tell Mom I'm dying", and promptly did".

  13. This video should be a public health requirement to educate those that don't care or don't believe in the danger of flu and virus epidemics and the need for vaccinations.

  14. I contracted The Swine Flu from the hospital I went to for my labs. I never had any type of flu before, and there were 5 days in a row that I don’t remember, but when my fever finally broke, I felt like I was pushed into a pool because I was soak and wet.

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