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#16: Birth Control, Mate Selection and Reproductive Biology (Ft. @Gabriel Al Romaani)

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Timestamps ⬇️
0:00 EP 17 Trailer
3:30 Coming Up
5:50 Patreon Link
6:56 Birth control makes women masculine
11:31 Cultural environment alters humans
18:05 Faiyad talks about the three types of men
26:49 What does it take to satisfy a man?
32:37 How susceptible are the three types of men to getting cheated on?
38:51 Outro

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22 thoughts on “#16: Birth Control, Mate Selection and Reproductive Biology (Ft. @Gabriel Al Romaani)

  1. Guys please invite Asadullah Ali Al Andalusi to your podcast! He's an academic convert who specializes in topics like atheism, the philosophy of science and Jihad. I learnt a lot from him.

  2. Jazakallah Khayr for the content guys. I can't even describe how informative and helpful this is for the youth, which includes me :).

    It'd also be interesting if you'd share what you guys think about women working.

  3. i’ve noticed in these podcasts you guys speak a lot on behalf of women from a very obviously male perspective. birth control has many uses besides contraception and isn’t inherently bad like it was made to seem in this video

  4. What nonsense! you speak out against feminism yet your promoting the other side of the same coin. Pitting men against women is not going to bring about any good. This is the western way of thinking and this type of behaviour is what the devil wants. The ulama never spoke about women in this manner. Alot of what was said including the terms used clearly are against Islamic etiquette. The pseudo science used in here about women is laughable.There is so much Islamic material written and talks given on men and women in Islam that there is absolutely no need to take advice from the non-Muslims on how to be a man. Instead of taking recommendations from the convert bro why don't you educate yourself and him on this topic by referring to the scholars of Islam May Allah bless Ustadh Tim Humble spoke on this topic in the light of the Quran and sunnah. I recommend everyone to watch the video linked below. This is what a real man is

  5. A little secret Faiyad….if a woman is very connected to her body, she actually knows/feels exactly when she's fertilised. Plus there are early pregnancy signs before your next period 😉

  6. The men that reject their woman? Say they don't want respect from wife? Can't be bothered to put effort into marriage? Play games, keep her hanging? Wife never given respect, emotional support? It's so sad, these men turn women more assertive(masculine) whatever u wna call it. Treat women like women! How when they don't want the responsibility of a MAN! 😔

  7. Brothers, above all, a women wants a man to be kind. The Prophet SAW said it in the last sermon. I wish men understood it was that simple. Yet for some men it can be so hard.

  8. But the thing is, a lot of women go through very painful cramps to the point of fainting, puking and not being able to function normally without birth control. Since it is excruciating pain. So, what would y’all then say to that? As a person who can’t take Advil or other pain killers because it simply doesn’t help, there’s no other option.

  9. Gabriel is definitely a papi lol He speaks the truth and even if I disagree I'm actually willing to listen because there's a layer of kindness at times. Level 3 is definitely more attractive to women. You can't help but respect them and they're also predictable…we already can tell what would upset them so they're easier to navigate whereas a level 1 or 2 doesn't even know what he himself believes in so how would his partner even understand him.

  10. as a muslim woman I'm 100% attracted to manly men, and inshallah my future husband is gonna be like that because I cannot imagine myself being with a man less than a protective, responsible, autonomous, strong both mentally and physically type of man, I'm naturally a nurturing woman, I consider myself feminine, I feel comfortable at home more than outside the house, I love cooking, taking care of my surrounding, myself, my room, my things and my family, I love calm and peace and I stress very quickly in manly environments, besides I feel more feminine when I take care of babies, I'm an aunt and subhanallah every time I take care of my nieces I feel feminine, I don't know why but I guess it's psychological, so automatically I search for a man who will bring to my life things I don't have naturally and that I can't do or that I feel exhausted doing, yes I wanna have my own career but once we'll decide to have a baby, I cannot imagine myself working with this responsibility and this blessing. So choosing the right type of man or woman is very important.

  11. Tune in for Monday’s episode, this will be the most important ep video we ever made. Just a reminder that we now started 2 weekly episodes every week on Mondays and Fridays 🙂

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