13 Avocado Oil Benefits For Diet & More, Backed By Science

Avocado oil has been pressed from the inside, or pulp, of an avocado, explains Samantha Presicci, MCN, R.D., L.D., CPT, Whole30-certified coach and registered dietitian at FOND. “Unlike other vegetable oils made from the relatively low-fat source material (like soybean or corn), avocados are rich in healthy fat and easy to extract oil from, meaning there’s no need for harsh chemical solvents or extra processing during the refining process,” she says. 

To get a little more clarity on the process, we asked chef Maria Covarrubias, corporate culinary specialist at Chosen Foods, to weigh in. She explains that once the avocados arrive at the facility where they’re to be transformed into oil, they’re sorted, inspected, and washed, then placed into a machine that presses the entire avocado, including skin and pit. This creates a crude oil, which is then filtered to remove any solids and impurities. The filtering also contributes to the neutral flavor of avocado oil. 

“The ‘expeller-pressed’ process is temperature-controlled and doesn’t add any chemicals or excessive heat during the extraction process,” says Covarrubias. “This helps keep the healthy nutrients of the oil intact.”

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