12 Years A Counting – AGE OF AUTISM

E3866FFE-F6C9-44D9-925F-A4E98B933D69 12 years ago, I lamented that 9 healthcare workers had been fired for not been flu shot compliant. Thank you Facebook for the reminder of why Age of Autism is still so needed. How many nurses are scratching their heads right now, wondering how to put food on the table, maybe gifts under the tree having been fired for not choosing a Covid vaccine? How many of them were taught to ridicule and demean vax choice? How many are even connecting the dots dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot? 

Think you have medical rights?  Are you pro-choice? Pro-life? Want to maintain responsibility and care for your own body?  That’s changing.  Children’s of Philly just fired 9 employees for not getting a flu vaccine.  Flu.  Meanwhile, stats show hand washing is pathetically low in hospitals among staff – and yet, no firings there. This is posturing but the hosp where Dr. Paul Offit is the leader. And the nation’s vaccine cheerleader. (And millions richer from his own patent on RotaTeq.)

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