In today’s video, we are going to share with you signs that you could live up to 100 years old! Enjoy!


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(0:04) You watch what you eat
(0:47) You love tea
(1:41) You eat purple food
(2:25) You don’t like red meat
(3:25) You like to go out for a run
(4:01) You look on the bright side
(4:51) You get enough sleep
(6:03) You have lots of friends
(6:36) You’re a woman
(7:07) You had kids later in life
(7:41) Your grandparents lived until a ripe old age
(8:24) You’re spiritual

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22 thoughts on “12 Signs That You'll Live to 100 Years Old”
  1. There is a party going on right here, life is wonderful, going for 150 plus, 91,000 people are now over 100 in fantastic health this number is growing y/y. Plant based, whole foods verses processed, full of good humor, kindness to self and all others animals too, having some fun, a faith which is fulfilling, exercise you love, uplifting positive social connections, reading poetry, hobbies, furry family members, caring for the planet and each other….

  2. Alot of this is BS. I've worked at retirement homes for many years and know dozens of people over 100, some 106 and 107. I always ask them if they ate right…NO, did they get a lot of exercise…NO. It is mostly genetic, their mothers, fathers and and/or other relatives lived to be really old. I know a lady who is 102 and has smoked cigarettes for 84 years! But another thing I've noticed that most all of them have in common is that they have a positive attitude, still love life and like to laugh!

  3. My husband did all the right things, except going to religious services-he was a spiritual man- but he died from a brain tumor at 72😢. His mother does very little of these things-except eating healthy foods and will soon be 102❤
    Somethings have no explanation 😢

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  5. I hear about medical science advancing so rapidly that soon people will never die, how will they stand it? I'm only 72 and everything familiar and comforting in my life has disappeared, things, places, customs and people. I'm now a stranger in a strange land and it's kind of lonely. All I hear from my remaining peers is how cool things used to be… are they really happy? I don't think so, they just put on a happy face so as not to frighten the young ones.

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