It’s not a race

We do not want to suggest that we should all race back to the office. Still, it seems the lockdown is being relaxed and workers are encouraged to go back to work if they are able to.

Jan de Jonge, the founder of People Busines Psychology Ltd., was very recently featured in a useful article that advises how workers can best prepare for a return to their work in the office.

Could this be a way back, to some extent, to how things were as they knew it before the lockdown? Following up specialist advice may help.

Useful checklist

To make a return to work a little easier, it is handy to have a checklist of bite-sized advice to guide you. From expecting a shorter fuse, indulging in measured doses, seeing situations as opportunities for learning, to Jan’s advice to leaders in organisations in “Advice Number 8” – have a look! Use all the 11 points as a checklist or a reminder. The more of the 11 points you and the leadership at work have considered and covered in some way, the better.

Use all 11 points of specialist advice, described succinctly in the below article by Vuelio, in how you or your organisation works towards some return to work – whatever that return may end up looking like:


With a big ‘Thank You’ to vuelio and their journalist/editor Phoebe-Jane Boyd for featuring Jan.

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