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11 Best Organic Lipsticks Of 2021 That Feel Like Silk

Call us biased, but when it comes to the creamiest, high-quality lipsticks, we believe clean and natural options are stealing the show. Not only are they formulated with nourishing, good-for-skin ingredients but the lippies are just as showstopping as their traditional counterparts. Essentially: They are so, so good. You can slide on a velvety shade and trust that your lips won’t wither up midday—because nothing is more annoying than a feathering lipstick. 

We should note: The products below all have naturally-derived and clean ingredients—for example, fruit pigments to create a rich color payoff, as opposed to artificial dyes—but they aren’t necessarily 100% organic. They are, however, 100% worth a buy. 

Check out our lipstick picks and find your shade of shimmery coral, intense crimson, or vampy oxblood—we simply adore them all.

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