11/11 Meditation

“My head feels so swirly! The energy is wow,” wrote Kim in the comments.I agree: the energy was wow!In case you missed it….

I am sharing the recording of the Live stream I hosted on Friday in our two Facebook groups (The Reiki group, and the group for empaths).

On Friday, 11/11/2022 we entered a powerful energetic gate with the frequencies of 1111 and 222. We met at 11:11 am eastern, which amplified the vibration. 

The 1111 frequency is a master frequency. The repeated 1s symbolize the ability to connect with higher consciousness, with spirituality.

The 22 frequency reflects a softer, more gentle vibration, and invites us to embrace the divine feminine with an open heart.

Clear and purify your energy. Receive healing. Align with the universal energy.

Watch the recording now.

Energetically yours,


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