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107 Edible Bamboo Shoot Species: Attributes and Edibility

Species  Origin Attributes Edibility Acidosasa edulis China Yields up to 20,000 kg/hectare Delicious A. chinensis Southern China with 1 species in Vietnam Are edible and used for papermaking and weaving Edible Bambusa balcooa Female bamboo native to Northeast India Are edible and used as papermaking or wood chips. Good B. bambos Southeast Asia Indian thorny bamboo Edible B. beecheyana Southern China to Indo-China and Taiwan Large clump-forming bamboo Good B. blumeana Indonesia and Malaysia Thorny bamboo Good B. gibboides Southeast Asia, China Evergreen clumping bamboo Good B. polymorpha Myanmar, Thailand, and Bangladesh Sweet tasting edible shoots Good B. tulda Indian subcontinent, Indo-china, Tibet, and Yunnan Mostly used as paper pulp in India Good B. tuldoides Asia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, and Myanmar Erect, evergreen, clump forming bamboos Good B. vulgaris Indochina and Yunnan province of southern China Open clump type bamboo specie Edible Chimonobambusa communis China, Vietnam, Japan, Himalayas, and Myanmar Running bamboo with swollen node Good C. macrophylla – – Delicious C. marmorea – – Delicious C. pachystachys China South-Central Leaf all year Delicious C. puberula Assam, China, East Himalaya Medium size spreading bamboo Delicious C. quadrangularis – Rounded square culms Delicious C. rigidula China Distinctive bulging nodes and shaped canes Delicious C. szechuanensis E. Asia – W. China, Sichuan. Mostly used for medicinal purposes Delicious C. tumidissinoda – Used for walking sticks in Sichuan Delicious C. utilis – – Good C. delicatus China – Delicious Dendrocalamus asper Southeast Asia – Good D. brandisii – Velvet Leaf Bamboo, Teddy Bear Bamboo, or Sweet Dragon Bamboo Good D. giganteus Myanmar (Burma), Bhutan, China and Thailand Giant Bamboo or Dragon Bamboo Good D. latiflorus Southern China and Taiwan Taiwan Giant Bamboo Good D. latiflorus Southern China and  Taiwan
Taiwan Giant Bamboo Good D. membranaceus Southeast Asia White Bamboo Edible D. strictus Southeast Asia and India Male Bamboo, Solid Bamboo or Calcutta Bamboo Edible Fargesia robusta – Clumping bamboo with shiny deep olive-green leaves Edible Gigantochloa atter Malaysia Giant Atter or Sweet Bamboo, Good G. levis Borneo, China, Malaysia Evergreen and sympodial bamboo Delicious G. ligulata Malaya, Thailand Perennial, evergreen Good G. nigrociliata – Black hair giant bamboo, tropical bamboo Good G. pruriens North Sumatra, Indonesia Perennial, evergreen, densely clump bamboo Good G. robusta South and South-East Asia Giant clumping bamboos Good G. thoii Southern China, Southeast Asia Giant clumping bamboo Good Guadua sarcocarpa – – Good Himalayacalamus falconeri – Gold canes with multiple green stripes Good Nastus elatus – Delicately arching foliage Edible Oxytenanthera abyssinica Sub-Saharan Africa Drought-resistant specie Edible Phyllostachys concava China – Edible P. incarnata Southeast Asia – Delicious P. sulphurea  – Evergreen Bamboo Good P. angusta – Stone bamboo Edible P. arcana China Can grow up to 8 meters tall Edible P. atrovaginata China, Burma and India American Bamboo: Have wax on the surface Edible P. bambusoides China and Japan Giant or Japanese timber bamboo Bitter P. bambusoides f. shouzhu – – Edible P. bissetii China Dark gray-green canes Edible P. circumpilis – – Edible P. decora China Beautiful bamboo Edible P. dulcis Massachusetts Sweet-shoot bamboo: Display cream-colored stripes Delicious P. edulis China and Taiwan Moso bamboo, or tortoise-shell bamboo Delicious P. elegans – Culms are used as tools Delicious P. erecta – – Edible P. fimbriata Mexico to northern Colombia Green bamboo Edible P. fimbriligula Hunan and Jiangsu of China Upright growth habit Delicious P. flexuosa – Spring Beauty Delicious P. glabrata China (Fujian, Zhejiang) Woody culms Delicious P. glauca Hunan Province of China Remarkable evergreen bamboo Good P. glauca f. yunzhu – – Edible P. glauca var. variabilis – – Edible P. heteroclada – Water Bamboo Edible P. iridescens Middle to eastern China and Japan Fastest growing, and strongest bamboos Delicious P. makinoi Southeast China Upright timber bamboo Edible P. meyeri Hunan, China Evergreen bamboo Edible P. mirabilis – – Edible P. nidularia Hunan Province of China Tall and erect straight bamboo Delicious P. nidularia f. farcta – – Edible P. nidularia f. mirabilis – – Edible P. nidularia f. speciosa – – Edible P. nidularia f. sulfurea – – Edible P. nigella Mediterranean Culm-sheath blade triangular Delicious P. nigra f. henonis Hunan Province of China Black bamboo Delicious P. nuda Zhejiang in east China Geat screening bamboo Delicious P. nuda ‘Ink-finger’ – – Delicious P. parvffolia Zhejiang Province of China Bamboo with thick culms Delicious P. pingyangensis – Forest Organic Sliced Bamboo Shoots Edible P. platyglossa Jiangsu, Zhejiang China Thin walled bamboo Delicious P. praecox – Running timber bamboo with yellow clums Delicious P. praecox f. notata – – Edible P. praecox f. viridisulcata – Striped green sulcus Delicious P. prominens China Grow around 10 metres tall Good P. propinqua – Straight dark green culms Good P. propinqua f. lanuginosa – – Delicious P. purpurata Asia Super cold hardy bamboo Edible P. rivalis Subtropical climate of southeast China – Delicious P. robustiramea   Distinctive grooves above pair of unequal branches Edible P. rubella Hawaiian – Edible P. rubromarginata Central China (Guangxi and Guizhou) Red Margin Edible P. rutila – – Edible P. sapida Anhui, Gansu, Jiangsu Herbarium specimens of bamboo Edible P. sulphurea f. laqueata Anhui, Henan, Jiangxi provinces of China   Good P. tianmuensis Anhui, Zhejiang (China) Swollen culm-nodes Edible P. viridiglaucescens East Asia Green glaucous bamboo Edible P. vivax China Chinese timber bamboo Delicious P. vivax ‘Huangwenzhu’ China Yellow groove vivax and in Chinese called “Huang Wen Zhu”. Edible P. vivax f. aureocaulis – – Edible P. yunhoensis Southeast China – Delicious Pleioblastus hindsii Japan and East Asia California Hardiest bamboo Edible Sasa kurilensis Kurile Islands in Japan Northern-growing bamboo Good Sasaella masamuneana Japan Sam Bamboo Edible Thamnocalamus aristatus Himalayas Clumping Himalayan Bamboo Edible Thyrsostachys siamensis China, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand Monastery Bamboo, Thai Bamboo or Umbrella Bamboo Good Yushania maling Nepal to Assam Arundinaria maling – graceful open clumper Good

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