10 Free Road Trip Printables for Long Car Rides

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Keep those long road trips interesting and engaging with these printable activity pages. Your kids will be entertained and challenged while learning with fun free printables!

Full of educational tools, these free PDF printable activities are perfect companions to your family’s road trip package of fun.

Singalongs and mobile games are great ways to pass the time.

Depending on the length of the drive, though, your kids will need some quiet concentration time.

Critical thinking activities will help keep your children energized and alert even on the road while, at the same time, occupied with educational tasks, too.

There is no end to road trip ideas, especially for kids.

To further enhance the activities, we’ve included awesome free PDF printable material to keep your children happy and entertained on your next road trip.

Here are 10 exciting printable games for long road trips.

Spice up your next road trip with these fun free printable activities that will engage the kids with learning and play while you travel!

Vehicle Matching Games

Simple and fun matching vehicles printable for toddlers and preschoolers who are just starting to read.

Vehicle matching is an exciting and educational opportunity for your kids to study the world around them.

With this printable road trip activity, your little ones will delight in finding the vehicles shown on the paper.

Have your children draw lines to match the images on the right to the names on the left.

Additionally, instruct them to circle the vehicles as they see them on the road.

Encourage them to say the words aloud, as well as other details like colors.

Car Counting for Kids

Car counting free printable for long road trips and travel with young kids.

With this printable, your kids have access to pages of cars and numerals.

Younger kids and toddlers will enjoy tracing numbers and matching the images to vehicles on the road.

Encourage them to say the words and numbers aloud for a bonus vocabulary lesson.

There are many game variations with these cards.

Print out multiple copies to create a matching game.

Create a friendly matching competition within the family.

Or, laminate the pages for reusable number-tracing tools. 

Trace That Truck!

Print vehicle tracing cards to trace, color, and copy on road trips with kids.

Image tracing is a great way for kids to build fine motor skills.

Your kids will boost their hand-eye coordination, handwriting control, and even drawing skills by following lines and creating an image. 

After they have finished tracing, hand over the crayons and washable markers.

Ask them to color their images like the trucks they see on the road.

Afterward, encourage them to draw their own trucks, but this time without tracing.

Have them use the original image as a guide.

This helps hone a budding artistic spirit.

Vacation Map Maze

Fun free printable road map maze for toddlers and preschoolers to start to learn about maps and journeys

Maps are a little confusing, particularly for younger children.

With this printable map maze, however, your kids will have fun while learning the basics of maps.

This printable highlights how different routes lead to various destinations.

Teach your kids about the different landmarks found on the map.

As you pass those landmarks on the trip, point them out for an exciting real-life matching game. 

Auto Alphabet Road Trip Printable

Auto vehicle alphabet cards printable for tracing, matching and playing with while learning letters.

Another great game for younger kids, these auto alphabet printables provide plenty of entertainment.

Laminate the pages for repeated tracing exercises.

Have them match and spell the vehicles as they see them on the road.

Vehicle Lacing Games

Vehicle lacing cards you can print yourself and kids can have fun with over and over. In the car, in a waiting room, or anywhere else you need to keep them busy.

This vehicle lacing game involves a pre-trip setup, but it’s an excellent opportunity to involve the entire family in the process.

Parents will need to buy plastic needles and yarn of different colors.

Or you can use long shoelaces.

Print out these pages before cutting and gluing the images to heavy stock paper or cereal boxes.

Let them dry until it’s time for the trip.

To make it easier, pre-punch the lacing holes.

While on the road, your kids will thread the yarn through the holes to create fun designs over the images.

Road Trip Bingo Printable Game

Road trip bingo game is fun for all ages on your next family vacation.

The classic game of bingo is now adapted with this printable for road trips.

These printables create hours of searching and matching fun.

As the trip proceeds, your kids should keep a look out for the images on the sheet.

When they see one, mark it with a sticker or marker. 

Like always, the first to five in a row wins!

Laminate the sheet to play multiple times on the same trip.

The printable is also a great vocabulary tool.

Have your children read and spell each word aloud as they see them on the road.

By the end, they’ll be road trip experts. 

I Spy: Road Sign Edition

Play this I Spy road signs game with the kids on your next road trip with free printables.

Like bingo, I Spy is a fun matching game to keep your kids involved and entertained.

This game focuses on road signs.

As your kids see each sign, they should make a mark to keep count.

Some of these signs are tricky to find.

Help your kids out by taking some detours on a sign hunt.

Turn it into a friendly competition to see who can find all the signs first.

Or, keep a count and tally up who saw the most signs at the end of the trip.

Don’t forget to teach your kids the meaning of each sign.

It’s a great opportunity to instill important safety lessons. 

 Road Trip Word Search Printable

Free printable travel themed word search game for big kids in the car.

If your kids are of the spelling age, a word search is a fun game to pass the time.

This printable word search contains many road trip-related terms hidden throughout the grid.

For best results, laminate the page.

It works great as a traditional word search activity.

However, consider adding a rule that to find a word, your kids have to see the object.

Not only does this help them take in the sights, but it also builds their matching skills. 

The License Plate Game

Play the license plate game on your next road trip with the kids using this simple free printable.

What road trip would be complete without the license plate game?

With this printable map, your kids have a visual guide for them to keep score.

Instruct them to color in each state as they find the license plate.

Use any color, or match the color to that of the plate.

They should also keep score of how many times they see each plate.

Use it as a friendly competition, or just to have more fun. 

Final Thoughts

This summer, keep the road trips fresh and enjoyable with these printable activity pages.

Full of educational tools, these printables are perfect companions to your family’s road trip package of fun.

This summer, keep the long road trips fresh and enjoyable with these printable activity pages. Keep your kids entertained, engaged, and learning with fun free printables!

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