10 Fragrance Hacks for Making Cologne Last Longer

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10 tips for getting your cologne to last

If you are like most men, you probably have a collection of different colognes atop your dresser. Some are probably your “go to” regulars – the ones you wear every day. Others may be used for only special occasions, like a night out on the town or a formal event.

Regardless of how many you have or what you use them for, one thing is for certain: most colognes aren’t cheap. Moreover, depending on which type of fragrance use, it may not last that long.

Yep, that’s right. Some perfumes last longer than others. Be sure to read our best smelling colognes guide to learn more on this topic.

Make colognes last longer

Given interest in men’s fragrances and the fact that many can cost a small fortune, I thought it might be helpful to share several hacks to help your favs last longer.

Bear in mind that your cologne’s intensity will naturally start to fade with each passing hour. That’s just how it works. The type of product you’ve purchased largely influences duration.

That said, you can still do things to extend the life of your cologne. What follows are 10 hacks you might find helpful. Some may seem obvious while others will cause you to pause and reflect.

Read them all to gain maximum insight. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

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How long does your men’s cologne last?

1. Don’t store in your bathroom

A lot of guys store brands like Gucci and Paco Rabanne atop their medicine cabinet. It makes sense, right? That is where you put yourself together for the day.

The problem is the hot water from the shower introduces humidity into your bottle. In turn, this can damage the cologne’s oils and water it down.

Most experts agree that the best place to store your favorite scents is in a cool, dry place. Locations to think about include nightstands, dressers or shelves.

2. Post-shower application

There is some debate on the best time to put on cologne. Some folks think application should happen as the last step before walking out the door. Others believe it’s best to spritz after drying off from the shower.

So, what is the best approach?

Well, it turns out that the optimal time is moments after taking a warm shower. The thinking behind this tip is simple. Your skin’s pores are open the widest. By applying the cologne at that time, your pores can more deeply absorb the fragrance. The result is a longer lasting scent.

3. Moisturize

Do you struggle with dry, cracked skin? Are you living in a cold weather climate that requires you to constantly moisturize? If the answer is yes, this will be an important hack to consider.

Ever notice after a long drought that the ground begins to crack? When it rained, did it seem like the water just rolled off the surface, barely penetrating?

Well, that’s the same thing that happens when you apply cologne to dry skin. It is for this reason you want to moisturize first before application. If you aren’t moisturizing yet or need some ideas for quality products, see this best men’s moisturizers post.

4. Avoid scented soaps and moisturizers

The previous suggestion advised that you use a moisturizer. But unless you are using a body cleanser or lotion made by the cologne manufacturer, you want to avoid products that are scented.

To mentally illustrate this point, think about the dynamic for a moment. If you are showering with a liquid body wash like Old Spice and applying Gold Bond’s Men’s moisturizer lotion after, you already have two scents going on. When you add your cologne to the mix, you’ll then have three. That can’t be good, right?

Instead, opt for cleansers and moisturizers that are scent free. You can find many of these on the marketplace. An excellent one to consider is Cetaphil’s Gentle Body Wash. Dermatologist recommended.

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Men’s fragrance hacks

5. Layer in increments

Just as you might put on a t-shirt, flannel, and coat as a way of layering yourself for cold weather conditions, the same approach should be used with the application of cologne.

In other words, put some behind your ears, then a small amount by your neck and a dab on your wrists. We’re talking tiny amounts here because you don’t want to overpower.

If you do this one right, you’ll have the end result of a longer lasting scent.

6. Stop spraying your clothes

You may not be doing it and so this tip won’t apply but if you are, listen up. When you apply a men’s fragrance to clothing, you run the risk of damaging that piece of apparel. The oils and other additives just aren’t good for cottons or silks.

More importantly, spraying something like Hugo Boss onto a jacket does nothing but waste the fragrance. That’s because the scent is going to quickly dissipate into the atmosphere. What else can it do but evaporate?

7. Choose parfumes

Have you ever noticed that some men’s fragrances say things like “Cologne” and others are labeled “Parfume” and still others read “Eau de Toilette”?

Here’s the deal – each type has a direct impact on how long the scent will last. Parfumes are generally good for 8-10 hours. Colognes around two-hours. The “Toilettes” maybe 3-hours.

If your goal is to have the fragrance last as long as possible, use a product with a high oil concentration. You can find plenty of ideas on the previously mentioned top smelling cologne guide.

colognes: how to extend scent life to last super long
What are your favorite colognes?

8. Be mindful of weather

This tip goes back to your skin’s pores. During warm or hot weather, you won’t need to use as much cologne because your skin is absorbing more.

That said, during winter months, you might want to use a little extra because less product is absorbed. Fall is a bit of a crapshoot because the weather can change from day to day.

9. Apply after a workout

If you are an avid gymgoer, there’s a good chance you are working up a sweat when you work out. If possible, hold off putting on any cologne until after you finish exercising and showering.

Here is why: When you exercise, your pores open super wide. In turn, this allows for greater absorption. The more those oil molecules can absorb into your dermal layer, the better.

And yes, you should shower after hitting the weights and before applying the fragrance. This way you get the dual effect of wider pores from pumping iron and the warm shower. Make sense?

10. Be mindful of alcohol

Not to be a buzzkill but your body scent is directly related to what you eat – and drink. Alcohol particularly has a way of messing up a cologne’s scent.

The reason is that your liver is working overtime to get rid of toxins. Aside from urine, most of the waste liquid is pushed out through the skin (aka sweat).

If you’ve ever smelled someone who is drunk, you know they can reek. If you are going to drink, keep it to a minimum. Go for low alcohol content beverages. For example, choose a light beer as opposed to scotch.

Bringing It All Together

Figuring out how to get your favorite cologne to last longer is a process. Because each of us secretes our own unique pheromones, it takes time to figure out which strategies work best.

By employing the tips offered here, you’ll go a long way in extending the life of your favorite woody scents.

I hope you found this post useful. Thanks for stopping by!

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