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We know that plastic has been getting a lot of press recently, specifically the negative effect it is having on our oceans and planet. In this blog, we specifically discuss the plastic used for Birth Pool in a Box, poly-vinyl chloride (“PVC”).

Our Pools and liners are made from PVC

PVC takes less non-renewable fossil fuel to make than any other commodity plastic because unlike other thermoplastics which are entirely derived from oil, PVC is manufactured from two starting materials:

Source: Software GaBi 4 Database - PE Europe
Source: Software GaBi 4 Database – PE Europe

Reusing or Recycling

When a plastic product has been used in a medical application where it could be in contact with blood, unfortunately they cannot be recycled. Once you have used your Birth Pool some of the choices you have with what to do with your pool next are:

  • Keep it for your next birth. Decontaminate using our decontamination instructions and thoroughly dry the pool and then store in a plastic container at room temperature. The container will keep the pool protected but the plastic can be damaged by low temperatures so do not put it in a garage or freezing loft space. Always be sure to check your pool well before your next due date to make sure it is ready to use again.
  • Relax in it. After a good clean, Birth Pool in a Box works well as as a Kiddie Pool in the garden in the warmer months.
  • Fill it with balls and make your own kiddie ball pit. Your kids will love it. Again, clean it thoroughly first.
  • Gift it. What better way to recycle than sharing with a friend, do remember that we do not guarantee personal pools for more than one use. Clean and test-inflate to make sure it is in sound condition and ensure your friend knows to buy a new “Birth Pool in a Box Pro Liner”.
  • Put it in the trash. This is the last resort. The pool will end up in landfill or incinerator.

For more information, please contact our Edel Immersys Team.

Posted by: Adam Maclean – 10/04/2018

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