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Our trip to ACNM

We have always made time in our product development process to engage with midwives and in May we were fortunate to visit the beautiful city of Savannah GA, to attend the 63rd Annual General Meeting and Exhibition of ACNM. From the 20th – 24th May we had a booth where we were exhibiting our current FP3 Labor & Birth Pool and we were showcasing the prototype of the new FP7 Labor & Birth Pool.

The FP7 Labor & Birth Pool prototype has been developed over the last 9 months in close co-operation with experienced waterbirth midwives, including Dianne Garland, Jenna Shaw-Battista and Liz Nutter. We were joined on the booth by Jenna and Liz to talk to midwives and help us to get the valuable feedback we need to finalise the FP7 Pool design. As Jenna and Liz put it, “They asked us what our fantasy birth pool was and then they created it!”

During the conference we also had a small focus group session, where Liz, Jenna and Laura Valle discussed the size and shape of the pool and its features and benefits. We also had a small session on Shoulder Dystocia in the tub. See some of the fun photos of Liz pretending to birth a baby with Shoulder Dystocia in the pool with Jenna assisting.

Some tweaks have been made to the FP7 pool design following the event. Our second permanent birth tub will be available to order in the Fall for delivery in early 2019.

Thank you to all the amazing midwives we met and spoke to. We are so pleased so many of you have used our birth pools and so many are trying to introduce waterbirth and birthing pools in your hospitals.

Check out our previous blog here for more information on Shoulder Dystocia.

Posted by: Jacqui Burke – 02/08/2018

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