🔴BEWARE! If You Are Eating Nuts In a Wrong Way, It Can Cause Health Problems | Sadhguru

sadhguru shows the correct way of eating nuts, if nuts are not eaten properly it can cause various type of health issues like allergies and increases pitta dosha in body. Nuts like peanuts should always be soaked in water for some hours and then be consumed else it can cause various health issues.

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37 thoughts on “🔴BEWARE! If You Are Eating Nuts In a Wrong Way, It Can Cause Health Problems | Sadhguru”
  1. all of my life, the combo of citrus and nuts (cashews & peanuts, esp) would cause me extreme illness so I never combined them (it took years to figure this out). then, my Reiki master during my second attunement suggested I try it, orange slices with peanuts, and although I could feel my stomach churning, there was no pain, nausea or suffering at all. Reiki is truly amazing…

  2. Thank you sooo much.
    I have started to go in farms, play with mud, bath with normal tap water , walk bare foot in mud and on grass, see what can be done and.use organic and natural things.

  3. Many allergies created in our society due to childhood vaccination…. In western area each child is pumped with 75plus vaccines before age 13.

    It is increasing every year; all these fools are brainwashed vaccination is preventable for all the diseases; Absolutely no studies…

    Many kids are getting autoimmune diseases…. And allergies

  4. Sadguru is great Master he is Master of all subject , he solved many problem of space technology and help scientists in space engineering, I think he invented theory of relativity also

  5. Eating nuts can give a diner cancer. In fact, eating uncooked nuts and seeds is the main and only cause for cancer. Why? In simple explanation, a nut or seed can grow with conditions of darkness and humidity. Inside our body, these conditions exist. And a nut or seed can grow and build its own cells. This activity can intefer with the building of our new cells in our body. And this means cancer. Eating grains, beans, nuts and seeds has this danger. However, with grains and beans we usually cook them well. The danger, therefore, can be reduced or eliminated. But we usually don’t do this for nuts and seeds. The best way is to soak this type of food in a lot of water and raise the temperature of the resultant to cook it. Roasting is not good enough for some nuts. Boiling is the way to cook this type of food. Drinking nut milks is less dangerous than eating nut butters. Why? Because in the process of producing a nut milk, the nuts are contained in water and boiling is used. The process of producing a nut butter might not include soaking and boiling.

  6. They say how can we get the biggest crop yield possible and the scientist have concocted some strain of nuts in a lab that doubles the yield and they put some unnatural super high nitrogen liquid fertilizer and douse it with bug spray and the end product is some unnatural super nut that when people eat it they get some crazy allergy

  7. Man is disconnected from Soil….. It is an unscientific thought that only human beings should live and other micro organisms like bacteria, virus, etc.. should be killed….Co existence is important…

  8. Sooo trueee
    We are nit not keeping our microbies happy
    Everything sanitized, all ppl in closed apartments (sun allergic) (milk allergic due to Indegition)
    Lets remember Not to take excess and toxic intake.
    spouse don't want to ferment curd at home, any suggestions

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